New transfert opportunity on immunization coverage : Looking for a coaching team to work on the proposal!


The Constellation plan to respond to a request for proposals by 3ie, named: “Breaking through Stagnation: testing innovative approaches to engaging communities in increasing immunisation coverage”. The programme “aims to generate new evidence about what works to engage communities in increasing immunisation coverage, test the feasibility and effectiveness of these approaches and inform their scale up”.

Why we respond?

In the article “Community-based intervention increases vaccine rates: A study of polio vaccination in the Democratic Republic of Congo” the authors conclude that

“This study has provided evidence in support of the hypothesis that a community intervention based on the principles underlying the SALT concept can reduce resistance to vaccination and increase vaccination rates. Our data suggest that, in particular, the community competency approach may help address the specific concerns expressed by sects and religious groups with a history of hostility to vaccination practices and that the effects of the intervention spread spontaneously to contiguous groups.   

Our findings are consistent with other existing evidence in this field and support well established applications to other health conditions such as HIV/AIDs, Ebola virus infection, malaria prevention and management of tuberculosis. However, further study is needed both to confirm these conclusions and to allow the methodology to be refined and developed”.

In follow up to the above mentioned study the current call for proposal is our opportunity to collect more rigorous evidence of the effectiveness of the SALT approach. Such programme is critical to fill the indicated knowledge gap.


There are several options:

  • Nord Katanga, RDC: where CLCP facilitation teams have experience with the issue and where good results were identified. Unicef partner? Building further on existing work. RDC is an eligible though not a priority country we would miss 5% on total score.

  • Countries as Pakistan, Nigeria and India have an immediate need for this approach and a lot of international attention around this, especially on Polio vaccines. We have no facilitators yet in Pakistan or Nigeria.

  • India??? (Rituu?!!). is a priority country, we have facilitators, Rituu possibly national evaluation partners???

We can consider multiple country approach to identify possible eco/socio/cultural differences


You can access to the concept note here. By the end of this week we'll set up a team of people to work on the proposal in June. 

If you are interested to work on this you can contact me (

Please contact Marlou de Rouw (

  1. If you can suggest yourself or others as potential scientific evaluation partners

Thank you,
Marlou and Laurie 

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