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The Love, Life and HIV Toolkit – developed by IPPF, UNFPA, Young Positives and the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS – aims to develop a greater understanding of some of the issues facing young people living with HIV today. It is available in English, French and Spanish and includes:


·          A 28 minute film. Young people living with HIV from the Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Swaziland talk about a host of issues that affect their lives. The film is split into six themes: 1. facing stigma; 2.  accessing services; 3. finding love; 4. having a family; 5. being supported; and 6. getting involved.

·          A session plan to accompany each of the films themes. Each session includes adaptable discussion starters and activities, take home points summarizing the session, and links to further resources to enable users to maximize the potential learning in the stories shared in the film.

·          Handouts with further information on each of the themes. These can be used by educators and trainers when preparing to lead sessions or can be given to participants as resource materials.


Limited hard copies of the film can be ordered from The resource pack is available from

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