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Dear all facilitators, coaches, friends and all persons involved with SALT/CLCP...

The Global Support Team (GST) of the Constellation is currently discussing with friends from the Indus Hospital and IRD (Interactive Research and Development) in Pakistan, to setup a training program which would benefit to all organizations working with communities in the country. 

The training would be open to those who belong to all types of community related work found in Pakistan and participants with experience of conducting training would be included as well, so that they could take SALT/CLCP training within their own organizations. A small group of researchers will also be included, so that the SALT/CLCP training could be turned into a longitudinal study so that effectiveness of training, challenges faced and resolved, and new learning questions are documented, analyzed and incorporated in future training.

It is also hoped that Indus Hospital & IRD would become a hub of SALT/CLCP training in Pakistan, and also incorporate other forms of participatory training, especially in the field of health, but also open to other sectors committed to community engagement/participation. Following outcomes are envisaged from the Constellation training:

  1. Twenty persons trained in SALT/CLCP, with at least 50% being women

  2. Trainers among the participants of SALT/CLCP training commit to conduct 2 training a year

  3. A longitudinal study designed to study the effect of SALT/CLCP training

  4. A network of individuals/institutions formed for continuing the learning and use of SALT/CLCP


In that regard, the GST would like to identify interested facilitators & coaches who will be keen to deliver the first trainings in Pakistan at the beginning of 2017 (February very likely). We are looking for facilitators or coaches able to travel into Pakistan, fluent in english and with experience in training for SALT/CLCP: a Public health background will be an asset. We have attached the concept note from our friends of Indus Hospital for more information.
All interested person should contact the GST transfer team (  or as soon as possible. 
Thank you in advance to all and Happy New Year.

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