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Hi all,


Some days ago my org newsletter went out, which featured some examples of the Activism we engage in for human rights during our time outside the organization. Rituu has suggested that I add an example of such activism through our "EOTO Goes Green" postings. A while back I introduced a topic here to gain feedback for our Green Clause that goes into our contracts with people who work with us. Below is the link to one post that is a result of our contract:




The link above contains pictures with captions, however, here is a plain copy and paste for those who cannot check the link due to slow connectivity:


Living Green is Awesome!


Months ago, we proclaimed a commitment to stretch our ideas of being green to incorporate a "green clause" in our contracts with the people who work with us. We now bring you a new series on project SPEAK that focuses on real-time examples of living a greener life called "EOTO Goes Green" in the hopes that you will be inspired to live greener too. Check out our first post since adding the green clause to our contracts from a new member of the team!

By Savitri Balram

Hey guys, I am Savitri, one of the new Marketing and Promotions (MAP) Intern of EOTO World and a true believer of living green! I was born in Guyana, a beautiful country on the north-east coast of the South American continent. I’m an alumna of John Jay College of Criminal Justice where I completed my BA in Humanities and Justice Studies. Currently, I am a law student in pursuit of my dreams of being a Human Rights Attorney. This is my very first post, and I will be posting henceforth about my “green” life while I continue to work as an Intern for EOTO World.


I was raised in a family that practices conservation. As such, I always had to do things like finish my food. There were simple steps of discipline like finishing my food that prompted me to embark on a greener life. As I matured, I developed and practiced several mediums of living green. For example, I always keep my gum wrapper in my pockets until I can find a trash basket, and so forth.


Living green is awesome. So awesome, I often wonder, why is not everyone living green? 
Personally, I detest things like the waste of paper. Since I am a law student, you can imagine the amount of cases and other legal papers we are required to print and read from time to time. As such, to stay true to being green and to help minimize the amount of trees that are cut every year to manufacture paper, I choose to print all my documents double-sided, in size 10 font and reduce my paragraphs to single space. I also buy recycled printer paper, even though it is a bit more expensive than non-recycled paper. However, these choices help me sleep better at night.
Seventh Generation Detergent

Seventh Generation Logo
Living green goes beyond saving paper, so I use cleaning products from Seventh Generation to not only add to the fulfillment of the ‘green cause’ with EOTO World, but also to cut the amount of toxicity we are exposed to from other non-green cleaning agents. And I must say, using green cleaning products never smelled better! Seventh Generation, and other green cleaning products can be found at your local supermarkets, for example in the USA you can find them at Duane Reade, Stop & Shop and so forth. 

The Amazon basin and surrounding countries including mine!
As a native of the wonderful and luscious green Amazon, I take a particular interest in ensuring that deforestation is a thing of the past, considering how important trees and plants are to our very existence. Let’s not forget that they help to produce our oxygen! 

Deforestation not only affects plant, but human and wildlife
When major corporations were in search of vast logging contracts in... Even though there have been pledges to decrease and ultimately eliminate deforestation in the A... the home to millions of life-forms, little has been done in practice to help the destruction.

However, as more attention is paid to preserving our dying forestry, deforestation will become a thing of the past. 

We can all help to propel the transition to that dream by living a little greener every day!



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