Its very sad and disturbing to hear that we lost our colleague Mr.H. Madhav from Hyderabad in India. We all  pray for his grieving famly members and may his soul rest in peace.


As Rittu rightly pointed out in her condolence message "A warm, caring person and a thorough professional in three days (During Knowledge Fair conducted at Kumta, Karnataka in India) became everyone's favourite. During the event the person who contributed a great deal was Madhav whether it was translation, sharing, video making or photographs he was the one who took the initiative. His vast community experience and excellent communication skills left a deep impression. And that he is no more'', it is unrepairable loss to his Family and India Competence as well.


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It is a great a shock to me.  We have lost our dear friend a wonderful human being H. Madav.  It is a great loss indeed.  I was with Madav all three days of the knowledge fair.  His deeper reflections and sharing had always inspired me and is still lingering in my mind.  A caring person, a strong believer of human capacity and a person who respects and treats everyone with dignity.    A person who demonstrated through his actions how much he loved the communities is no more with us.   

I agree with Rituu and Swami that his family friends and colleagues will really feel this great loss. I pray to the Lord that he stays closer to them and give them the strength to tide over this loss.  May his soul rest in peace.

Dear Friends of Care and Of India Competence,


May I offer this poem to honor Madhav's memory?



Shall we shed tears because he left

or shall we smile because he lived?

Shall we close our eyes and pray for him to return

or shall we open our eyes and see all he has left us with?

Shall we leave our hearts empty because we cannot see him

or shall we fill it with the love we shared?

Shall we  turn our back from tomorrow and live yesterday

or shall we allow yesterday to make us happy today?

Shall we remember him only because he's gone

or shall we cherish his memory and revive it?

Shall we cry and close ourselves,

or  shall we do what he would have liked:

smile, open our eyes, love, and go on ?


With my sincere friendship





Dear Swamy,

Thanks for initiating this  as a mark of respect to Madhav.

Here at CARE, I am feeling amputed and many of my colleagues are yet to recover from the shock. Madhav shares my room and sits facing me. I cant just take him off my eyes. This made me to follow  him until his last ritual was performed.

In just three days of association, he made a lasting impression on many of you. As rightly said by Swamy we lost a gem. I always admired his multiple skills and abilities. Started producing from day-1. With his vast community experience, he never needed any training or orientation. I still recall Ritu's and Prabhakar''s telephone conversation at the end of the first day's Kumta's experience. They thanked me profusely for sending Madhav to 'Kumta knowledge fair'  and I was proud about my decision. Within 5 months and eight days, he made a huge difference to our project. I always believed he deserves a better position and he was due for promotion after probation. He was instrumental in getting two quarterly news letters out and in publishing 'A Hand book for mentors on community to community mentoring.  He was one person who only demonstrated by action. I am thoroughly inspired by his quotes from various reports he puts together. All his reports carry inspirational quotes and speaks volumes about how he intends to see the world around him. His last piece of work carried the following quote.  

“Everybody needs a little inspiration from time-to-time. Without it the world would come to a stand still, become stagnant. Without inspiration, inventors wouldn't invent, writers would never put pen to paper and artists would never produce works of beauty.”

Dear Madhav you are truly an inspiration to many of us. As beautifully shared by JL in his poem 'We in CARE promise to do what you would have liked to do'. May your soul rest in peace and may your deeds be a everlasting source of inspiration and motivation to your near and dear ones.




Hi, tell me how can I help in the event? This was what Madhav said to me when I met him on the first day of Kumta Knowledge Fair on 1st Feb 2010. He was completely engaged throughout the three days of the event.


I could not help capturing this photo. He had just finished sharing a story, then he translated, took a photo and even made a video all in one session. Here you see him with a video camera as well as the digital camera. Then he was a great perfomer as he showed in his performance in the cultural evening. What more could he do I wondered! And when he shared about his experience and thoughts on community response, I could not help tell him that he should write a book. He said he had documented some of it.


During the cultural evening he was making  video all the time and I told him please enjoy and take it easy. Working is fun he told me. Last talk with him on 3rd Feb evening. He said I am very excited as I am going to collect my wife and child who were visiting a relative and then take them home. The last time I wrote to him was asking him to share videos of claps he had captured by various participants in the Knowledge Fair. Now, I send him a big CLCP clap.


I knew him just for three days 1-3rd Feb 2011 but have taken a lifetime of lessons  to learn and apply in my life.

Madhav, we lost you on 18th April last year. I remember you fondly, with care and respect, for your work, for the song you sang during Kumta Knowledge Fair, and the discussion we had on the book you wanted to write.


We lost a wonderful human being a year ago who is committed for  human cause.As JL mentioned in his condolence message, our thoughts and deeds are reinforced by remembering him on his first death anniversary. Our prayers for his beloved family and loved ones to gain strengths to bear his loss. 



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