How to stimulate seven graders on Adolescent Reproductive Health with SALT and CLCP @INDONESIA

Dear All colleagues;

I'm pleased to inform you all that we are in Indonesia, two local facilitators and me, are invited to equip 7, 8 and 9 graders on adolescent reproductive health competence.  We work with 7 graders last week and we found that it was challenging.  number of questions on:

1. what is the memorable thing at last three days

2. which part of body you like mostly and why?

3. why you decide the dress you wear?

could not stimulate or even can not attract their focus when my colleagues and me invited them to share their story sharing.  We will continues with this group next Saturday (23 Nov 2013) and will address the 8 and 9 graders after that.

Looking forward to have your experience sharing on this. 

Thank You

Wiwin Winarni

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Dear Wiwin,

Here is an experience from my friend and colleague Punam via email. 


Dear Ritu,


Thanks for your asking me my feedback.


Adolescent is phase wherein they lack information on many important issues and concerns and try to find other avenues to get them,  which most of the time has a negative effect or consequence on them. Giving them the right information and in the right manner is always important. Your colleagues are doing a great job. Even we have face similar problems while talking to them on sensitive topics like body changes or HIV/AIDS. They tend to get very alarmed and hesitant especially when they are in a mixed group.

One of my suggestion is to start the session with some interesting activity so that they open up and feel comfortable  –for e.g. asking them about their positive qualities followed by a game. Among the questions that were listed, the first question seems to be fine. But the second one can be a little threatening to them. It can be rephrased  or start by telling them ” Don’t you like anything about your body-what about your smile, eyes , hands ; they must focus on non threatening aspects of one’s body. Then they can take the conversation forward by telling them girls usually are very shy while they grow up mainly because many parts of the body develops and grows as a part of the process- such as increase in height , chest and so on. They should try and use non threatening words like breast and use chest instead and then slowly address more sensitive topics like menstruations, nightfall , wet dreams. After then they can talk about or explain to them the physical changes that occur during adolescence and explain that it is a natural process and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Then they can  ask the second question. In case it is still difficult and in case it is a mixed group, they can try conducting the sessions separately by dividing it into two groups-one for boys and the other for girls and then ask the sensitive questions to each group. It is possible that they may open up more or respond more enthusiastically if they are in the same sex group The third question can be rephrased too like asking-“What is your favourite attire? So why did you decide to dress up the way you did today?


Hope my advice is helpful!!!


Warm Regards,




Program officer-Youth

CEDPA India 

This might help you.

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