Like in many developing countries, HIV/AIDS is a pubilc health problem. In Cameroon, more than 500 000 people live with the disease.Youths between 15 and 24 years are the most affected. In this age bracket, girls are the most vulnerable. Ignorance, poverty and high illiteracy level are the root causes.
For more than 10 years, the ministry of Education has been promoting health related activities in secondary schools through the creation of health clubs. These clubs have been actively involved in education of students using peers through health talks and sensitization campaigns to reduce the burden of this disease in schools.
This year, students actively particpated in the celebration of world AIDS day on the 1st December 2009 by organizing seminars, sketches and songs to raise awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

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Hello Njoh
This looks interesting but how did you use the aids competence approach to make the fight against HIV/AIDS sustainable within the school environment? Can you give us more details on how more girls were involved in this celebration?
Best regards
Dear Njoh,

In India too we have been struggling with implementation of sex and life skills education in schools. Surveys show that parents as well as adolescents feel the need for it but want such education to be imparted in schools. However, other pressure groups have been vehemently opposing this. What is your experience in Cameroon? At what age do you start this education ? Have you applied the aids competence approach in schools? Would also like to learn more about the health clubs in schools.

Thanks and regards,

Dear Rituu,
Thanks for the interest. In Cameroon, the teaching of sex education in schools had been a taboo due to opposition from parents. However, with the advent of modern technology, such as television, internet etc, sex education is gradually introduced in schools at the elementary level for children before the age of 12 years. This is to empower them with early life skills which will enable them avoid unwanted pregnancies , STIs especially HIV/AIDS.
The aids competence approach is new in Cameroon , thus capacity building in this interesting and sustainable approach is needed in schools with the full participation of teachers and students.
Health clubs are a group of students who come together to talk about health and health related issues within he school environment under the supervision of teachers of the biology department.
Accept my best wishes for 2010
Dear Constance,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have an interesting document to share on strength based approach in schools. Can send it you if you want.

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2010.

Warm regards,

Hi Rituu
sorry for the long delay to reply to your mail. Hope you enjoyed the end-of-year feasts. I will appreciate if you can send to me the document on strength based approach in schools.
Best regards
Hi Ephraim,
thanks for your interest in what we do.
Best wishes and a prosperous new year 2010.
i read this about cameroon
i want to one thing that its all our fault. Everyone is involve in this. Our foremost duty towards the society is that we should first start teach from the schools in the preliminary stage regarding the sex and what problems arise after this without taking proper precautions. moreover every government has established the clinics, dispensaries and other HIV/ADIS test center but anyone think about the working of those centers. ANS : NO. how many persons came there for the test by there own will. i say one way-out from this which i think proper and the best. the when the ADIS day was declared like the same way at least 1 to 7 days may be fixed for the check-up of the public at large from the particular society. but i know this is not possible.
i want to say one more thing regarding the education of sex providing in the schools,; That what the school teachers do i read newspaper everyday & i found 2-4 news regarding the sexual harassment going inthe schools by the teachers. how we stop this .. NO Answer.....
i say sorry if i m wrong
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Hello HemRaj,
thanks for reacting to what is going on in Cameroon. The issues you have raised have a place in the soceity, but this might just be some human and individual weaknesses which should not discourage others or generalised. One thing is certain, the fight against HIV/AIDS at every level will continue.
I will like to know if you also found out which sex of teachers harassethe students the more. The answer to this may give us a more specific direction in adressing the student/teacher issue.
My regards,



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