Dear all,

I am looking forward to a sporty SALT visit tomorrow at the Basketball Academy in Antwerps (Belgium) ( that is bringing opportunities to youth by engaging them in sports. Would love to hear from you if you combine Sports, CLCP, SALT and youth in your context?

Yours, Marlou

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I have always believed that sports is one of the best avenues to get over to youth. What is common though for a lot of young people is that they are not afforded the opportunity to participate in activities for several reasons. In Guyana for example its the lack of proper facilities and equipment. So, while young people are interested in participating they cannot.

Bringing CLCP, SALT and youth can only be explosive. I cannot wait to see the product of this. I believe that combined they will demonstrate that it is possible to enhance an already creative avenue of reaching youth.  It is important for us to realise that youth have tons of energy that need to be used and providing opportunities for them to participate in something positive can inly prove beneficial.

Cheers and good luck, looking forward to hear how it turns out.

I dnt know it might be comparable with the things done out there,back in 2006 I were working with a local SALT team who organise a football tournament for the whole community, involving every youth, they form number of teams. It was quite impressive that after the tournament,people(youths) who were not involved much in the community activity have role in the tournament and felt a part of the community which give the SALT team a chance to get involved of the youths with them to expand new SALT TEAM trasferring the idea the same tournament was organised in the nearby community with the help of The Local SALT TEAM.

Similar to this there is a story on a refugee camp SALT visit a fruitful one, I will be happy to share if anyone of us plan to work on it.

Thanks so much Michael and Joma! Joma, your story reminded me of this experience in Uganda also:

I feel more and more encouarged!

I have been working with youth leaders in Nepal on community life competence. During this we did a SALT visit to a care home for youth. To build  rapport with youth staying there we began the SALT visit with a volleyball match. This broke the ice and they opened up to share and exchange.

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