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Dear SALT practitionners, 

How are you? 

Here in my part of the globe, summer is alerady here and new ideas and creative mind is awake. 

As Célicia, Autry and I are finalising a compilation of experiences of facilitation of SALT training, we thougth that having a tool box available for every SALT practitionners to help us to deeper, try out and experience new exercices to facilitate SALT and CLCP could be an fantastic idea to add to our work.

Indeed, we all practice SALT and CLCP, but we have all of us our own preference to facilitate each specific steps with different exercice depending of the group, our innovation and the tools we adapt from other approach. 

This wisdom need to be shared in order to support each other growth! 

But without you, I can't manage to capture all of the tools that each one of you are using.

This is where you come in and say: "Hey Laurie, I have an exercice I use to apply with communities for this XXX specific step and I want to add into our collective tool box". 

Yes! This is the exactly what I'm looking for!

A collective effort to share our little tips, tools and experiences with specific tools!

Here is the experience of Célicia sharing about how she use body sculpture to facilitate dream building. 

And here is Marlou experience on using the movie "dancing jajas" to share about the CLC process. 

This are some example of tools and way they'll be presented. 

If you want to add your piece to this collective tool box, please contact me ( and I'll send you the form to fill and all other details. 

I'm so happy we can have such a space were we can tap into the collective wisdom when we prepare for a facilitation.

I hope you are as enthousiastic as I'm!

Let's talk soon through emails....

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Dear Laurie, 

Good idea to post this here.  And I will have a deeper look into what you have put together already. 

In the meantime, during our TeamUp conversation yesterday with Celicia, it occurred to me that one of the strengths of our approach is really in the human connection.  And it also occurred to me that any exercise that increases the vibration between two people is highly beneficial to create the human bonds. 

For this, there are two exercises that we have done together:  1) the Compassion Exercise.  Have a look at this link 

And the other is the one Alessandra has introduced into our trainings and which comes out of Social Presencing Theater:  The Village.  The exercise is simple:  Have the group walk around in the space and have everyone find a partner into whose eyes the participants can look for a few seconds, all the while remembering that the person has unique quality and strenghts and has also had some good and also some difficult experiences.  And then move on to another person, etc. 

Dear Laurie;

We using bus stop method on delivering session on 7 steps of CLCP coz we have only short time to delivered this session.

This session is very much instrumental for family planning field workers to have a comprehensive understanding as well as imagination on how Family Planning Kampong will be established and maintained.

Ways of facilitation:

1. I deliver introduction of the CLCP approach and previewing the approach with SALT principles 

2. Participants are divided into seven groups based on 7 steps on CCP by asking them counting one until seven and each person should join with the same number.

3. We write each steps on the flip chart paper and put it on the wall  and ask the group to discuss what is each step using following question what is all about that? what instrumental things to be included and what is to be done?

 4. while the groups are discussing, the facilitator come and join discussion with

     - Self Assessment group and inspire them what is the level and how to do it, 

     - action plan group to introduce table of SMART planning

     - measuring changes group to inspire how changes should be measured and link it with action plan.

5. after all small group completed discussion within the group, facilitators ask the buses move, bus of group 1 to group 2, bus of group 2 to the group 3, bus of group 3 to the 4 until bus f group 7 to group 1. each round is about 10 - 15 minutes and facilitator asks the buses move until all buses stops at all group/buss stop. ensure that one member of each group stay at the bus stop to explain the visitor bus. while the bus moving, those who stay at the bs sop should be changed.

The first and second round took longer since participants were trying to understand how to deliver the group discussion result and the visitors are trying to understand and connect te explanation with their group discussion.

6. during the session all interactive, questions and answers, correction, additional etc took place and its shaping participants understanding.

7. at the end of session facilitator ask 2 or 3 participants to share their learning.

Hope this can be useful.



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