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  • You are an experienced SALT facilitator and you are interested to learn more about virtual accompaniment?
  • You want to be connected to a larger group of practitioners around the world and learn from them in an active way?
  • You are looking for an opportunity to transfer the approach around you?

This may be for you!

The Constellation offers an accompaniment for those interested to be a facilitator of the Online SALT Program. Facilitators of the Online SALT Programme (new name for the Blended Learning) accompany triads as they go through the modules.

We are looking for facilitators  who have completed a SALT Training and have experience in  facilitation of the full CLCP process and at least one face to face training.

The online SALT training to accompany Local Response: short presentation

The aim of this program is to introduce  the SALT approach and the CLC Process to a wide group of people around the word and to connect people willing to become facilitators of local response in their context.

This online training  is designed to stimulate direct application by participants.

How does it work?

The online training  is designed to transfer basic knowledge of the SALT approach and each step of the CLCP process. This information will be completed by your experience as a facilitator and by the experience of  participants as they apply the acquired knowledge in their context. They will then share around these experiences.

The training  will be undertaken by triads (group of three participants), who can be from different areas of the same country or from different countries or continents.

The strength of this program is that it allows to:

  • Strengthen the facilitation skills of participants by offering a direct application;

  • Share experience in a small group and stimulate common learning of the practice of SALT and CLCP;

  • Create a sense of community between members of the triad;

The accompaniment to become an online facilitator includes

  • Accompaniment of an experienced online training program facilitator (including one triads program, feedback sessions, technical training on how to use the platform and the documentation) ;

  • Online access to the Facilitator Guideline for Online SALT training ;

  • Online access to the Online SALT training  Platform;

  • A network of experienced coaches and facilitators of this Online training  to help you grow as Online Facilitator.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Hold space during interaction between participants of the triads;

  • Give feedback, encourage implementation and stimulate authentic sharing;

  • Transfer your experience in an inspiring way;

  • Use the moodle platform.

As a certified online training  facilitator you’ll earn 720€ per triad program.

Your investment?

As investment for this accompaniment, The Constellation asks for your time to go through the whole  accompaniment training  and to share your experience as Online Facilitator on the Ning platform through at least one blog posting every 6 months to share your learning about the facilitation of the Online SALT Program.

Contact us

If you are interested in this exciting way of transferring the SALT approach, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Autry at or Laurie at


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