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We are part of a large , diverse and very talented global community...where? right here! on NING!  My question is are we utilising this resource? How are we doing this? a little, somewhat, not at all.

Let's do an assessment , let's find out what level we are at ?

Level 1,  we are AWARE?

Yes I am a member of the community, but rarely go on NING. There are times I may log on, but I prefer to stay invisible or not get involved.

maybe Level 2 , we REACT.

I am  a part of this community, but I don't really go there unless I have to , when I did  blended learning I was encouraged to share on NING  , so I did .....

or is it Level 3 , we CONSCIOUSLY  make a DECISION to ACT. 

I visit my global community , not regularly, ..sometimes I am so caught up in my schedule  I defer it.  

or Level 4 , we CONTINUOUSLY  ACT and  SYSTEMATISE what we do.

 I regularly visit my global family on NING, I share and give feedback regularly.

or perhaps it's Level 5, this PRACTICE is part of our LIFESTYLE. 

visiting my global community is on my accomplishment list . I am enthused to support and share with my community, I feel disconnected if I do not visit NING *_*

Now that we know what level we are at , what can we do to move to the next level? 

I look forward to the discussions that follow. *_* 


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How nice this is Zenita!!!

Today I did a conscious effort to go on Ning. I had been away (facilitating in Amsterdam) for a few days and then back home as a way to catch up with this community I decided to have a look in 'ning'. I do not share enough - that's where I need to improve. So I would say level 3 at this moment. 

Look forward to see what follows!!



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