A resource for promoting innovation among farners

Here's a resource that some of you may find useful: http://www.taosinstitute.net/Websites/taos/images/PublicationsWorld...

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Thank you Eric for sharing this document. There are a number of us here in this network who are working on a partnership with the World Fish Centre in 5 countries. We have transferred CLCP in villages across these 5 countries and now are seeing communities engage as co-researchers through their locally-based actions. 

I am excited to see that the Taos Institue has similar experience and am keen to learn from your experience, especially as I will be facilitating a Knowledge Fair very soon (bringing together farmers and fishermen from 12 communities in Cambodia).

Why isn't more research done in this way? There are many sceptics out there. What can we do to help people to see that farmer-led research is robust and that the best innovations are those that come from local wisdom? 



Hi Olivia,

Very happy that you find this useful. Just one point of clarity: This resource was passed on to me by a colleague and I posted here as I considered it might be useful. I have no connection with the Taos Institute (although I have been vaguely following their work for many years).

The majority of my experience is in the organisational world, although I am now slowly expanding into the field of community development and would like to do more here. If you look at my website, you can see the focus on connecting people for precisely the kind of initiatives you are working on here.

Sceptics - simply ignore them. Only the response of those you are working with is relevant.

Your question: "What can we do to help people to see that farmer-led research is robust and that the best innovations are those that come from local wisdom?"

... Tell the stories ... Or better still, let them tell the stories.

There's no better proof :)!

Oh ... and I love to see you doing this work in Cambodia. Having lived in the region for 8 years, I have a strong affinity.

Are you located there long-term or due back in Europe soon?





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