Rituu B. Nanda

New Delhi


Profile Information:

Rituu B. Nanda
Global Fund for Children & Constellation
About Me:
*I ponder on the the question -who am I?
*I love SALT but practice is difficult.
*Want to explore the connection between SALT & spirituality.

My professional interests are facilitating community conversations, participatory action research, participatory evaluation, gender and equity issues; complexity and systems thinking; Public health and child and bonded labour and child are two issues I have primarily worked.
My dream:
-To live without fear
Action without attachment
Unwavering in success or failure, joy or sorrow
-Have no expectations from anyone as they are cause of misery
-to be selfless in whatever I do. If I help I do not expect anything in return, if I care I have no selfish motive. Otherwise its business.
-to connect as a human being with others
-to be appreciative
-to be a deep and compassionate listener
I'm proud of:
I have tried to follow my inner voice. When I facilitate SALT, feel that this is what I was meant to do.
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  • LiYunZhu(李韵竹)

    Dear Ritu,

    Thank you for reminding me. I just uploaded my photo as my new avatar image. I'm not a fluent English speaker, so I may not post on this platform often. But I will always remember to visit this site and learn from all of you.

  • Elizabeth Robinson

    Thanks very much! I've added my picture.

  • Usman Ali Ahmed

    Thank you for the prompt, have added my profile photo as per request