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Hari Singh
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My name is Hari Singh.I was a Wrestler.My Body living with HIV past 20yrs.am working as National Health Activist & OST Counsellor at NACO for access to complete free treatment to PLHIV,secure fundamental rights,Advocacy, Reduce fear-stigma-discrimination,HIV Bill,Resource Person,Treatment Education,Capacity Buildup,Empowerment,GIPA...Be Healthy-Be Positive
My dream:
My Dream is free treatment to Indian PLHIV with dignity, mainstream as GIPA at all levels & stigma - discrimination free life-environment at workplace-community.Treat us as Human and Save Humanity
I'm proud of:
I am feeling proud as Activist of Indian PLHIV's.My Body Living with HIV not my Soul.why i feel fear-tense-worry about my HIV+ status.I feel HIV is just like other diseases and HIV is my strength.Today my life is meaningful for me and for my Country PLHIV's Community Peoples...
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  • Rituu B. Nanda

    A warm welcome to Youth competence group, Hari. our member number 101 !
  • Rituu B. Nanda

    A very happy birthday Hari! May God bless you.

  • Rituu B. Nanda

    A very happy birthday Hari! best wishes.