O'Leo Lokai

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago

Profile Information:

O'Leo Lokai
REd Initiatives
About Me:
Project coordinator and founder of RED Initiatives an organization with the purpose of promoting -advocacy, access and reform in relation to HIV, AIDS, SRH, Human Rights and Social issues.

Regional Coordinator of the AIDS Candlelight Memorial for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Film producer

Published Author

Human rights advocate in health and related issues

Working towards my PHD
My dream:
A world without HIV and AIDS, violence, prejudice, and hate.
I'm proud of:
The fact that I make my own way instead of jumping on someone's bandwagon for an easy ride

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  • Rituu B. Nanda

    Dear O'Leo Lokai,

    Welcome to Community Life Competence! Happy to see a member from Trinidad and Tobago:-)


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    Warm regards,


  • Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique

    Dear O'Leo Lokai,

    Nice to have met you at the workshop. Pity, could not spend much time with you.

    Maybe we could have caught up with each other if exigencies in your work had not made you miss the couple of days of the workshop. Accordingly, we can make it up here and in the Blended Learning Program in which I saw your name.

    Look forwards to your regular contributions to the discussions on this site,

    With best regards,


  • Rituu B. Nanda

    Happy birthday!