As I said in my previous blog that “SALT” is the key of people hearts to communicate them and I have an example of this when we are in our awareness program and we are organize meeting in villages when we are told to labor to collect in a place they are not interested at this but when we are do a program to home visit of labors and using with them SALT then they are listening our information and labor are also share their problems like health, education, and some of their wage and this is a big achievement of us. I was received a call from Dist. - Janjgir-Champa (Chhattisgarh) and this call was an brick kiln worker he was receive our pamphlet (we are make some pamphlet of information like- About bonded labor Act 1976, About Educational Rights, Health Rights etc.) and he was told me that he was receive our pamphlet and we are also use with them SALT and he was very happy to see that our NGO was working for theme and he said that he was also transfer this information with other labors and I was shocked to see the effect of SALT that an labor is feel free to share their feeling and this is a big thing for me and our team. And this is most helpful for our team to work with the community and SALT is very helpful for our work and SALT make our work easy.

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Comment by Autry Haynes on February 2, 2016 at 8:48am

Thanks Prathiba, this is inspiring. This is an indication of how Community-to-Community transfer takes place. One labor was willing to transfer information to other labor and that people felt free to share their feelings.

Thanks, please share more stories on how SALT is making differences with communities. Thanks to your team mates as well (^_^)

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