Kristin Bodiford


Alamo, CA

United States

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Kristin Bodiford
Community Strengths
About Me:
Community Strengths helps communities solve complex issues and capture emerging opportunities. We use transformative theories and practices based upon non-violent social change, dialogue and connection, and collective learning to support communities in their work. We use strategies that help community members create real change in their communities that meet everyone's needs.
My dream:
I have a dream where people care about each other in community. Imagine in a community, people notice each other, reach out to each other, and support each other to be their very best. My dream is one of interconnectedness and living our life based upon our strengths, hopes, and dreams.
I'm proud of:
My family. My kids show me all the time the power of the human spirit, courage and amazing resilience.

I am also proud of the work our community is doing to address family violence and promote resilience and primary prevention for children exposed to domestic violence. See for more information.

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  • Rituu B. Nanda

    A very happy birthday Kristin! May you have the nicest birthday ever. Love and best wishes coming your way.

  • Rituu B. Nanda

    Thanks for visiting the Constellation community, you bring in so much positive energy Kristin. Where does it come from I wonder!


    Dear My Friend Kristin

    Welcome to the Constellation Community. We look forward to learning from each other more.

    Happy New Year