Autry Haynes


East Coast Demerara


Profile Information:

Autry Haynes
Line Ministries; Ministry of Amerindian Affairs
About Me:
Very proactive, result oriented individual. Self sacrificing and cordial, jovial.
My dream:
" A secured healthy lifestyle for ALL people, that enables them to achieve their full potential"
I'm proud of:
Of who I am and that I can make a contribution to making people aware of threats to their livelihood and stimulate awareness towards behavior change.
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  • Autry Haynes

    "I like and I am enjoying this, it is different and stimulating...we interact, this is good..before we come, look at movies talk some and leave but now everyone is more involved" Cristel during our most recent AER (*-*)
  • Francessca Moustapha

    Hi Autry,

    Thanks for this warm welcome! Very happy to be among YOU and the group.


  • Marie Sandrine Lo Hun

    Hello Autry,

    Thank you for your invitation and hoping to reach level 5 of saltiness soon :)