The relevance of why we are human.....

Community conversation is key for communities to take take ownership and being responsible. This is local response. When we seek to stimulate local response with community conversation, one of the stimulating question is are we human and why? Members of every community are intrigue by the question and their own response. They agree to continue 'community conversations' on that human level. Mauritius Council for Social Services (MACOSS) shared in this experience when it held an empowerment session for leaders working in the 'disability' sector. There was the invitation to introduce SALT as a tool by which the sector can stimulate conversation on issues / concerns that lead to amicable resolution. There were more than 50 participants. In two hours we were able to engage three SALT activities. [1] SALT a Way of Thinking and Way of Working, [2] are we human and why? [3] Envisioning. To engage a candid discussion on 'humanness' it was decided that to get meaningful engagement the participants do so in small groups. In ten minutes discourse we derived more productivity with small groups than with the larger group. There was no significant difference between group's description of why are we human.What stood out was that the participants do not necessarily know each other as one reflection stated "Even though we do not know each other but it does not make any difference in the groups." Some other reflections included: We speak to each other on a human level We see each other as a fellow human being We understand each other We respect the opinion of each other We express our own but also different opinions We have a passion for God We give opportunity for others to say what they would like to say There was a passion for godliness The overall reflection was that "We now have a dream. We cannot leave that just like that. We need to continue this SALT as a way forward." MACOSS agreed to engage the same partners to continue the discussion on how can we achieve our dream that was achieved from the envisioning session.


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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on June 3, 2016 at 8:29pm

For me this is core of SALT. Thank you Autry!

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