Life is better when everyone feels part of it and their contributions are valued.

Title: There is a need to invest in human capital
Rituu B Nanda from the Constellation facilitated a session on SALT and M&E on 28th Sep 2017. 24 professionals from 19 countries attended this session held at NILERD, Delhi. The participants shared and exchanged stories of strengths. They also shared how we can use SALT in development work and in monitoring and evaluation.
Reflections on Strengths and power of appreciation
With our strengths we can change the world
There are good things in the world
It reveals how human we are 
When people act on their strengths, they are successful
There is a need to invest in human capital
The talents we have could make an impact in our communities
You don't have to have everything to help, what you have is enough
One cannot help everyone however everyone can help one
We must observe who needs assistance
The SALT exercise made me feel inter-connected to others in the room
Reflections on Listening
Listening and hearing is different. Listening is done by mind, hearing is done by ear for sound. Listening is ability to interpret, making meaning of what is being said. Hearing is passive, listening is active where the listener is responding.
Pseudo listening where you pretend and give the impression that you are listening and appear to be paying attention

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