dear friends,
As a worker in conflicts management and peace building, I would like to benefit from your experience on 3 aspects of the question (How do CLCP/SALT and conflicts relate to each other?):
(1) Have you applied CLCP/SALT in contexts where peace was at stake, where conflict was the central issue, and the challenge the community was facing? If not, would you be willing to explore this possibility?
(2) Hosting CLCP on another topic, have you faced a situation where there was conflicts within the community? How did you deal with that?
(3) While working with communities, facilitators and coaches, have you experienced conflicts within your own team? how did you respond to it? What would help in case that would happen again?
thank you very much in advance for your response (here or in private email); I believe that conflicts can be a source of innovation & development, and that disagreement can be joyfully & respectfully handled, therefore my questions and passion for this work :-)

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