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Kirsten Williams
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Recrear International
About Me:
From Canada to Indonesia, Tanzania, Ecuador and beyond, each place has taught me something powerful about the human capacity. Along the way, I learned to explore community development with creativity and developed an unwavering commitment to building vibrant civil societies.

To channel the passion I have Recrear, a non profit and international network of social innovators I co-founded.
My dream:
To see young people take even more ownership of the community development process. My role in it all would be to foster the kind of civil society that connects young people more easily to development organizations. Whether that be through participatory action research or other forms.
I'm proud of:
Being part of a community of young social innovators committed to making youth protagonists in their community's development story
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  • Rituu B. Nanda

    Hi Kirsten,

    I with my constellation team mates will be in Edinburgh from 28th june to 3rd july. Would it be possible to meet up?



  • Rituu B. Nanda

    What a pity...I love your work very much and wanted to learn from you. Enjoy Milan:-)

  • Rituu B. Nanda

    It was great talking to you Kirsten! Hope you will share some of your work especially your thesis on M&E. Stay well.