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Peaceful humans.

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  • Marlou

    Dear Marie

    Very welcome to Aidscompetence!

    We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to communicate with colleagues and friends in all parts of the world.

    Please take some time to walk through this virtual Constellation home.
    You will find many opportunities for connecting, sharing and learning.

    Connecting: Under the Tab with Members you find people to connect or to reconnect with directly, on their personal pages. The search function will certainly be of help! We encourage you to make your own page your personal ‘home’ which allows for a conversation from human to human - online.

    Sharing Experiences: In the blogs we are sharing our experiences with local responses and the competence process. These experiences and stories do not require a discussion or exchange, but comments are welcome! Some stories in the blog link directly to our knowledge asset (see tab knowledge asset).I am sure your experience will be useful to others!

    Learning Together: Our Forum is the place where we learn together. If you want to discuss an element of the Competence process, or other issues related to local responses, please contribute to the forum.

    Again, we are very happy to have your voice on Aids Competence and look forward to your contributions.
    You will find some suggestions and rules of play under the ‘help’ tab.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. If you have want support for writing your blog, contact me.

    Warm regards,

  • Rituu B. Nanda

    Dear Marie,

    A very warm welcome my friend! Its so wonderful to see you here.

    Look forward to learning with and from you.


  • Rituu B. Nanda

    Marie, please do add your photograph to your profile. Merci.
  • Jean-Louis Lamboray

    Bienvenue Marie!
    Cela fait vraiment plaisir de t'accueillir dans notre communauté virtuelle

  • Rituu B. Nanda

    That's a lovely photo Marie! A nice gift for the new year:-)
  • Vichet LOK

    Hi, Maries, How are you doing? Hope you are doing so far so fine. My name is Vichet LOK and I am so please to join with you as new friend too.


  • Rituu B. Nanda

    You have been featured for your valuable contribution to this community. All the extra things you do like translating blogs, asking stimulating questions...thank you Marie!