I will give wings to children's dreams...

     A SALT activity was conducted with a family in the villages of Vashi through Avani Sanstha. The son of the family and his father were present for this SALT.


At first we introduced each other, then there was a discussion about the villages and various social events. Then started taking SALT. When I asked them to recall one good thing that happened in their life, they were lost in thought. I gave them some examples to stimulate their thinking. Then the father began to speak.


     He said, “I was born in a middle-class family, my father was a postman, I have four sisters, the family situation was meager but my father worked hard for the education of our siblings. During that time, our school was very long, so we had to travel a lot by walking, but due to the determination to learn, I overcame all the difficulties and continued to study, so today I am working in a good place because of my hard work. Today my financial situation is good, I also have a son and two daughters, I am always trying to make them understand the importance of hard work and education.


His son has passed 10th. He wants to join the army or police. He will have to work hard for that. They always encourage the child for that. But when I took the SALT, the boy also realized that if his father had worked so hard for education, we too should work harder. The boy said that he will work hard to fulfill the dream of his parents. Because of taking SALT, the parents did not have to ask their son to work hard because the child knew how much and what hard work his father had done for his education and he realized the importance of education.


Through this SALT, it is understood that every family wants their next generation to be good and hardworking. The father also announced his wish that I would do the same for my two daughters as I am doing for my son's further education as per his wish. It will also encourage them to fulfil their dreams and help them in times of need.




1. We really enjoyed today's discussion and we are very proud that we were able to speak passionately and share our experiences in front of the children regarding their future.


2. I will help you to work with the men of the village which will require a lot of effort.


3. The next time such a discussion is held, men will be more involved.