The Power of SALT

It was a very inspiring videos listening to their talks on appreciation and Through my experience of SALT that was conducted with our team by Rituu B Nanda and also when I did two interviews with people I realised that SALT is very powerful because it make people realise and understand their own strength and how they learn to appreciate themselves. Most of the time as individuals we always look at our weaknesses and it is very easy for us to count them but we tend to forget about our strength that each and every person has. Through the SALT it helps people to realised their own strength and strengths motivates people to take action straight away with confidence. It really gets deep in me when I watch the video and when the speaker said that "it's not about me appreciating people but it's about me talking to people so that they can understand their own strength."
  • Bhakynti Tangsong

    Wonderful thoughts Sylvereen. Thank you for sharing
  • Peacefully

    Thank you Sylvereen for sharing. Great insight!!