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At 3:26pm on October 28, 2008, Benyaich Aicha said…
coucou Laurence comment vas tu? et Gaston, j ai lu dans un de tes comments qu"il a de la fièvre, j'éspère que ça ira courage bisou
At 2:56pm on October 28, 2008, Novianty said…
Hi Laurence...

How r u girl??Hows cambo doin??must great there... Well, i did some salt visit and i guess all of it have its own 'strength...:), but 1 that i think stayed on my mind is when i go to theater and cultural dancer community (some of them are my frends too), i see they are really organize themselves and have a strong commitment to do their activities/job (hard to explain it heh!!:P), what i see and feel is they do it with they heart even sometimes they not get paid for their performances!, and i start think "What kinda things that make them so strong like that??", one of my work partner called Boyke (who also the member of the community) said "its because we love what we do and we commit to do it, if u do something because you love, everything will be possible rights??"

Well i guess this is another value of life that i learn from them is to love what you do and always commit and APPRECIATE it!. The impact for me related to my work is i become more concern to what i do now I guess this is the impact of SALT for me as individual, and now i try to transfer it to my own organization...:) kinda hard but nothing impossible rite... KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE...well thats all the story, how bout u there??..

with luv

At 5:09pm on June 25, 2008, Marlou said…
well, for a change.... the other one looked so boring between all th nice ones from you, gaston, aude -- will be on the look for something more original (and thanks for forcing me into Ning like this: I like it!!
At 1:02pm on June 12, 2008, Aude said…
Hey miss, j'ai invité Aicha... Nous en avions parlé Hier avec JL. J'espère que tout va pour le mieux en Thailande, on pense à vous*
At 5:01pm on June 11, 2008, Ian Campbell said…
Let's see

I do not have time or inclination to follow blogs or virtual social networks . I do not join them .Email works fine for me -but for our purpose the platform will do well for the membership issues .Please do not convey expectation of expanding but instead invite links that may enhance but are not the core content. We need one location which is about the essence of the membership issues and questions I actually would find it easier to use an egroup only to discuss our issues -less time consuming to get in and very simple . If you are intending to involve many others however -ok . I can see the platform will work for that. Great photo by the way . Lets keep working this out by time and effort. Thanks for huge commitment
At 11:52am on April 15, 2008, Laurence Gilliot said…
Do you think that this kind of platform will help the Constellation in achieving its mission?

Do you think that this will inspire people to spread aids competence in their own organisation, family, neighbourhood?

All your thoughts and ideas are welcome! And congratulations with all your success stories with online communities! You are a real champion in online community facilitation!
What are the 3 main advices/tips you would give to have a successful online community being a success?


At 11:45am on April 15, 2008, Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique said…
Hi Laurence,

Please accept my thanks for putting up this platform called Ning. As for my experience in setting up e-networks or e-forums, I have been doing it first as a hobby, like the ISHIMA one which won an award. I also was the voluntary editor for SAATHII, which is still doing well. Now the UN is paying me for nurturing the AIDS Community of Practice (CoP) in India! I think this Ning will be a winner if we all participate well. The key to its success is sharing and participating by its members. More participation translates to more vibrancy!

Cheers to a vibrant ACP network!
At 7:21am on April 11, 2008, Jean-Louis Lamboray said…
Super! Tu invites Aude? Aussi, quel plaisir de voir votre photo avec Lawan dans le bureau. Et je vois cela depuis un trou perdu: à Lae, loin de Port Moresby! Merci.
At 5:23pm on April 10, 2008, Vegard A. Johansen said…
hia, and thanks! this looks like a great tool, and it will certainly take some time to build it in Drupal. I've been quite buzy the last days so I haven't had time to look that closely on it, but please start a discussion and I'll join in!
At 9:35pm on March 12, 2008, Jean Legastelois said…
Ah ! blasphème et hérésie ! Ce n'est pas une guitare mais un charango. Enfin, à tout pécheur miséricorde, je t'enjouerai un petit air la prochaine fois :-))
La plateforme est vraiment bien !


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