Comparing when to use Peer Assist and Knowledge Fairs

I drew up this comparison when I wanted to choose between Peer Assist and Knowledge Fair techniques.

Comparing when to use Peer Assist and Knowledge Fairs


Peer Assist

Knowledge Fairs


 A group of peers elicit feedback, solutions to a problem, project, or activity, and draw lessons from the participants' knowledge and experience.

 Participants set up displays, booths to share their experiences, examples, Knowledge Assets


The Facilitator faces a problem that members in the audience, or the group or peers have faced in the past.

Facilitators want to broadcast solutions, tips and tricks, Knowledge Assets, and products either internally to an organization or open to partners and the public


When the facilitator wants to learn from the pooled multiple experiences of the whole audience to solve one particular issue

Provide opportunities for multiple parties to broadcast their achievements, exhibit their products, and market new programs to donors, policymakers, other institutes and potential partners.


 Facilitators have not dealt with a given situation for a long time

Facilitators are experienced and willing to share their knowledge products to the public


Facilitator is no longer sure what new procedures to follow, and fishes for solutions from the experienced peers in the audience. From the harvested solutions, the experienced audience again help the facilitator by charting out the procedure and solving the issue

Though everyone can see what is happening, can interact with each other, and can see what others are doing, still we require a plenary session where facilitators from each booth presents their highlights of which products were sought and why.


Direction of knowledge flow is from the group, audience or peers to the facilitator.

Direction of knowledge flow is from the experts in the booth to the public


Audience is kept divided with each member in the audience or group individually providing solutions to the facilitator-peer

Facilitate face to face networking and promote South-North exchange on common agendas


Can be done extempore:  without any preparation

Requires planning, setting up the booths, materials, experts to share...


Best duration is half an hour

Best duration is two to three hours


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