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A Journey from Vulnerability to Strength!!

I handle the Operations of Purnata, West Bengal. I had an opportunity to initiate 2 SALT conversation this week. Both in the community. The discussion was very fruitful as we could share and also listen. This SALT conversation was between me and 22 year old youth. They were very happy that they could speak their heart out to someone who was willing to listen to their stories and appreciate them and not judging them.
It was indeed a refreshing conversation. I found a Lot of positivity in both the conversations.
One of them answered the question as to why he was proud of any of his achievement. He answered it this way. He said that he was proud that he is working and have a income and that is able to supplement the earning of his family. He has witnessed while growing up seeing his parents struggling to get him to be where he is now. Now by taking care of the needs of the family, he feels he has grown to be mature and responsible.
And what has he has done to be proud of ? He told me that he was able to help a child swim to safety while on the verge of getting drowned. The whole incident has given a him new perspective on what he can give back to the community. The conversation was indeed a very refreshing exercise as far as i am concerned. I get so energized by such conversation and being available to hear stories of others. To do a reflection and to see the strength in an individual. How a incidents in their life has reveals their unknown strengths.
The initial narration of his story potrayed his vulnerability, but as the story progresses… His strengths, his ability to believe in himself gets reflected. All we need is to just sit patiently and listen to people in this fast paced world, where everyone is in a rat race to get ahead of others. I chose to differ as I am not a Rat !!

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Comment by Marlou on August 19, 2022 at 4:45am

Thank you for sharing your experience of true SALT conversations. You asked exactly the right questions that allow people to change from a vulnerable victim to a story of strengths. Well done!

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