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SALT Visit with 80 Years Old Young Boys.. A New Experience!

     The SALT visit was conducted in the evening at village Kerli with the 80-year-old young boy on 3rd Dec'21 evening. An 80-year-old man was sitting on the bench chatting with his peers. I went to him and said, "I want to chat with you. Will you take me in your group ..?" he said, in the local language “Ya ki rao” which means yes you are welcome. After that, we all sat down in a circle and introduced ourselves. I asked them to tell about life from childhood to adolescence.
   One by one they began to speak. Everyone shared their experiences. Almost everyone had lived the same life since childhood as friends. Someone had a bath with mud as there was no soap. Due to their poor financial condition, they collected vegetables from their farms and often ate raw vegetables sprinkled with salt. There was no fuel to cook the vegetables. They did not have to eat bread every day. In those days, they had a very low salary, they got only 50 paise salary for whole day's. I was shocked to hear about all these experiences.
Strengths From all these experiences, I have learned that these people are satisfied with what they have and lived their lives happily without any complaints. Their views on gender equality were positive. They all think that women should be one step ahead. I saw unity in the group. Each person in that group has created their own world from zero. They all become zero to heroes in their lives.

Result of the meeting :

This group has promised to guide the younger generation on gender equality.

After experience reflection :

 They all are happy because today's youngsters don't come to them to listen to their thoughts, but they felt good when we listen to them and the promise to us, they do work on gender equality.

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Comment by Dheeraj Lepcha on February 8, 2022 at 3:55am

Excellent Avani team.. 

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on January 19, 2022 at 11:31pm

Engaging older men in Gender Equality...done very organically. Learning from you Imran and Avani team

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