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Thai community response to COVID-19 ensured that no is one left behind

We met on Zoom during the Global learning Festival on 1st Oct'21 and watched the video of Thai community response to COVID-19- Loli, Rafique, Swathi, Usman, Widad,and Rituu. 

Experience_EN from As You Open Your Eyes on Vimeo.

Crucial takeaways:

When communities respond to one issue, they develop the confidence and capacity to respond to other issues they face. The Thai Community mentioned in the video learned from their past HIV response and applied the experience to COVID challenge.

2) Not waiting for external help, volunteers and various constituents in the community came together. They realized their responsibility and got together to take actions like raise awareness, home visits and support to patients. "With Covid we have discovered our vulnerability but our strengths" observed Loli

3) The film brought out the importance of volunteers. When there is a crisis, hospitals are overwhelmed, then people can take on responsibility.

4) While the institutions can provide resources, it is the people who have to adapt or change their behaviour. The young boy in the community took safety measures as he had grandmother at home. 

3) Importance of using digital messaging which is quick but content is equally important. Participants felt that in their respective countries often messages were confusing whether to use mask or not, what kind of masks etc. In case of the Thai community rather than creating fear, the messages focused on protect your loved ones as close family ties encourage people from within to take responsible measures, said Swathi.

4) The community focused its care on those who are more at risk those who are immobile, and older people

5) Through the pandemic, we realized that we need each other. We need to take care of our neighbours. What can we do for them? COVID reminded that we have to live together

5)  Participants expressed their concern over the effects on one's mental health due to Lockdowns, loss of loved ones, fear and  loss of income.

6)  "In India ,now we say control non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in older people, that can  in turn protect them from Covid”, remarked Rafique.

7) A document review showed that we human beings  and institutions did not learn from past crisis and epidemics that communities have a crucial role. Unfortunately, for COVID-19 the narrative was centred around institutionalized top to down response.
An interesting book to read: Ebola: How A People’s Science Helped End an Epidemic. Paul Richards

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Comment by wiwin winarni on October 1, 2021 at 6:19pm

Very well written like used to be. Terima kasih!

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