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Mridula Kapil Bhargava (Evaluator in HealthRise project)

Small changes were seen as project came to a halt after few months due to Covid-19. That having an intervention that wants a behavioral change, needs time and that needs ownership from the community to be sustainable. Due to Covid 19, there was a disconnect. I felt that having more time with the community would have brought more strength...But to make it everlast, needs time. I composed a poem as my reflection on CLCP. 

Confused and baffled,

They whispered…… smiled………and whispered again.

Come on!!!! tell us your stories!

the facilitator(she) requested and this became a chain.

She narrated her short story, to break the ice.

And suddenly,

 there was a stream of tales with sparkling eyes.


It was just a story that helped make the first move.

Their own stories, of which they were proud of.


The room was full of cheers and applause,

 many even shared their story with a cause.


Meanwhile, I saw a spark from distance,

spark that let them open up and get inspired,

spark that let them free and respire.


Their minds were fresh and they started thinking positive,

that vibe reached their dreams for 2030, their ideas were rocketing.


It wasn't I anymore, it was us,

They built a dream for themselves and their community,

to be healthy and free of diabetes and BP*.

They drew and acted,  their dreams for a better tomorrow,

they swayed on self-composed songs to communicate with their fellows.


how beautiful is this way to communicate, said an ASHA from her heart.

Talking to people wasn't easy, but this gave us a way to start.


They realised!

they became aware of their present and past,

all set to make their future and transfer it till the last.


There were small changes and I saw it was difficult to adopt.

 Change needs time, and time needs ownership at all the stages to everlast.

*Blood pressure

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Comment by Birgitta Schomaker on May 14, 2021 at 12:02am

Beautiful poem, Mridula. Having the memory of 'us', the feeling of dreaming as community for the community will help all of you return to the sparks and gems of that gathering. Wishing you best of luck and take care.  

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