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Thanks to my little fellow...

My friend from SMP Manonjaya ( a junior high school) reminded me that the way we response to learning process is really the peak of our personal saltiness. It’s not a matter of being facilitator facilitating ACP/ARH Competence process, but…

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Mobilization Resources

Well-shared community members start to initiate access resources to support other community members include at ARH competence (fathers and mothers groups start using other grant resource-PNMP…

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Measuring Changes, how do we confident enough about that?

Dear All

Its about how to measure changes. How to be confident enough to put such number at status upon our practices. Meanwhile some of adapted responces had been made but we not so sure about that. At our context, Adolescent Reproductive health, some practices is not too specific and technical. Some are still general.

Our goup member has decided at what status they were, but still not really confident about that. As a team work this "unsure" status influence… Continue

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SALT Approach and Demistification

Dear All;

This is what I have been learned from facilitating UNICEF Project review at 7 January 2009. At that time I had only 1.5 hour to share SALT as a way of thinkimg and working.

My college from UNICEF and me agreed to maintain reporting and recording (RR) mechanism due to maternal and child health among other priorities. Session was intended by 58 participants from 19 basic healt provider/clinic. As all of participants admit thta providing RR system due the program is… Continue

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On Maternal and Child Health Competence; a continuation

Dear Rituu, Gaston and Laurence.

(Sorry for replaying your letters at my blogs)

I do thank you for kindly supports and inspiring suggestions and also guiding questions from Laurence so I could accomplish better learning and understanding on me with this constelation and the process itself.

Due to facilitation opportunity my time is only three hours, that makes me little bit worry how could I facilitatate SALT visit/approach to the 5 districts. And facitilator in only… Continue

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Maternal and Child Health Competence; is there any requirements to make practices due to those respective issues..

Dear All...

After close discussion with one of field chief officer UNICEF West Java Province - Indonesia, at 7 Januray 2010 I will be assigned to facilitate exit strategy session for UNICEF project at 5 districts by using SALT approach particularly on self assessment and develop POA of selected dreams they prefer. The meeting will be attended by 200 participants. Is it possible to conduct SALT approach among 200 participants? Is there any requirements to develop practices since… Continue

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Encouraging self to appreciate other strenthgs

Last week I was visited by NGO namely RESIC in which I become one of its' advisor. We plan to have garbage project at my residence site. They were six members of RESIC. Three young lecturers (F) and others were students of them (2F and 1 M). Lecturers dominated discussion and the rest and me silently listened. Finally they asked me to speak. I thougth its my show time. I asked Lina, a student, to think about Ai's strentghs, another student. Others were look at me, and asked me why did I do so.… Continue

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Story from Siti Aminah - Manonjayan..

I just received phone from Siti Aminah, a midwives, at Manonjaya Tasikmalaya. All of us ar inspired by support team particularly JL's story about his wife's support to his jobs. Siti Aminah learned and experienced that her husband sacrifices and more supportive to her activities and jobs after she appreciate her husband's opinion, responces and attituted towards her. Initially her husband was sometimes oponents but then she found thta he is trully her partner's of her life...

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My baby sitter is now also salty

It's really make my life easier, to know that baby sitter of my 16 months son is salted. When I joined 1st Indocompetence Knowledge Fair at Jogjakarta - Indonesia (22-25 Nov 2009) all participant were assigned to do SALT Visit. I brought my baby and his sitter to Jogjakarta. The baby was fever. It's impossible to leave him alone at hotel with the sitter.

Than the story began. I thought that I have to conduct SALT visit to her at hotel room instead of other.

I started asking her… Continue

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We were wrong....but now lo longer; on self assessment

To have JL with us at Manonjaya sub district at West Java Indonesia is one of wonderfull learning for me.

We did self assessment. We were all up set since it was very difficult to see whether community we talked about know and care about adolescent reproductive health (ARH). We reviewed our plan of actions. We did all but how could we assess our progress....SILENT, and I discussed with JL and other visiting facilitators.

OALAA...no need to asses others. No need to see whether… Continue

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SALT Visit; fostering democracy and heterogenity

It was began at June 2009 when indocompetence members and UNFPA conduted SALT visit to Manonjaya sub district at west java province of Indonesia. The uniqueness of SALT as approach emerging from the way we introduced one and another. No need to introduce me as a center of group but how I concern to other member;s features. I was surprises thta my neighbour partner appreciate me so by introducing me as if I was a hero. That's great and cool!!

I was motivated to entertain my self to… Continue

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