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Ilkley community response to learning disability- "Sowing the seeds, then let them flower"

Local response- in the Constellation we define a local response (am citing Philip Forth from our blended learning programme)- A community can take action to deal with a challenge that it faces. These actions form a 'Local Response'. They contrast with a solution imposed on a community by experts from outside the community.Last week, Phil took us for a SALT visit in his town Ilkely. Here is what I observed on the local response. 

15th May 2017…Rainy morning…


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Leader should be like an inverted pyramid who holds the space for the team to thrive

This blog describes what the visiting team learned from SALT visit to appreciate SAATHI community centre of Institute of Social Studies Trust, Delhi and the response of the host community to the SALT visit. Blog has been jointly compiled with Markus and Amita and inputs from Sudipta and Ragini. There is a short After Experience Reflection by the SALT team.…


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Our collective harvest

10 am on 31st March..Insitute of Social Studies Trust office, Delhi

About 20 of us from different backgrounds and profiles ( medical doctors, researchers, evaluators, managers, implementing agency staff, librariarn, accountant, private sector consultant, development sector consultant, etc!) met  for Jean Louis Lamboray’s book presentation. This was followed by some deep discussions. Here is what we harvested together. I have the privilege to post it. …


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Are we Listening to and appreciating the communities?

ILO's global strategy on decent work for domestic work consists of strengthening national capacities and institutions including policy and legislative reform. In order to strengthen the domestic worker movement in Delhi and Chennai, Ms Reiko Tsushima, International Labour Organisation, ILO  shares her experience in use of community life competence approach to build competent domestic workers and development of Self assessment. Suneetha Eluri, ILO recorded the video in Chennai October…


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‘Active listening’ in the family

Background: In the Systemic participatory action research project by Institute of Development Studies for Freedom Fund and Geneva Global we are using SALT with four organisations in the states of Bihar and UP in India. We have noted that facilitators from the NGOs are observing transformation in their own personal lives through SALT. Here are stories from my team mates at PGS  from UP who have started paying more attention to listening not only to the communities but also to their family…


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Should community decide what they want? why should they dream?

National Institute of Labour Economics Research and Development (NILERD) is an autonomous Institute under NITI Aayog ( erstwhile Planning commission), Government of India. NILERD organises M&E course for foreign professionals. I took a session on SALT and its application in M&E and development.

We had a lot of discussion around importance of us asking the communities what they want rather than going with our pre-determined agenda. A participant from Kenya remarked that the…


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How can we listen and respond to the neighborhood?

This is a story from two creative people who are associated with Salvation Army UK and have expertise in video documentation- John Anscombe and Neil Maclnnes.  The blog captures their perspective as observers of SALT process in the community. Neil filmed the Glocon in the US. Neil on his return to the UK shared his experience with John. I happened to note their insights!…


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Why SALT in Systemic Participatory Action research?

I am part of the Systemic Participatory Action research project on modern slavery (bonded labour, child labour and trafficking) in two states- Bihar and UP in India. IDS with Praxis is leading the action research and the project is supported by Freedom Fund and Geneva Global and is being facilitated by eight NGOs. I captured some thoughts of facilitators from PGS and TIP on why SALT can be effective in in Systemic Participatory Action research? …

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Short and Sweet Global Learning Festival Newsletter day four

Constellation and Le Pont du Tamrinier have organised the Global Learning Festival fwhere we are sharing and exchanging on community response to different issues.

Here comes the newsletter number four. Its short and sweet.

We are spending today and tomorrow on building knowledge assets with communities. You will short notes on that, meeting of national country teams, powerful sharing on…


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Global Learning Fest newsletter day three- creative!

Here is the newsletter number 3 from the Global Learning Festival. I liked the following elements from the contributions

  • Creative- there is a drawing, poem etc
  • French colleagues responded!
  • Three nice things of the day
  • Virtual participants shared!
  • Collaborative newsletter




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Collaborative Global Learning Festival Newsletter 2016- Day two

Today in the Global Learning Festival we divided into four teams to being the SALT visits. The joy and excitement on the faces of the team members who returned from the SALT visits was a beautiful sight. How just listening, learning and appreciating can stimulate community to respond- simple yet powerful. Read the details in today's newsletter



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Collaborative Newsletter Global Learning Festival 2016 - Day one

The newsletter is GLF 3rd April Attachment

In a nutshell…

People arrived from about 11 countries. Conversations flow…the application of SALT is moving to many more areas. SALT is beginning to permeate in all spheres of personal as well as professional life.  SALT begins from self, thereafter with the family. Moving to the profession we apply it  with our…


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Community can find a solution to its own problems

[Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) with support from the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) will undertake impact evaluation of Constellation’s SALT approach for  community involvement in increasing immunization coverage in three districts of Assam in India. Today the project kicked off to share and receive inputs from   government officials at an event held in Guwahati. During the meeting, Dr. Biraj Kanti Shome, Consultant, Community Processes (Regional…


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What if we connect as human beings?

Team of five- a husband-wife duo, two brothers, engineer, dietician, doctor, footballer, MBA, from two different states, stationed in front of the computer screen and conversation on skype! I knew the couple but others I  met for the first time on skype and I dared to ask a very philosophical question 'what makes us human'.

The answers were - we are human because we…


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Don't label us

Venue: Community Development Journal conference Edinburgh,

Time: late afternoon,– 2nd July 2015

 I was attending the session on Raising Refugee Women’s Voices facilitated by Fiona Ballantyne in which shared how her organization has tackled key issues around asylum and international protection, and the extent to which ‘institutions’ have responded to the insights and aspirations of refugee and asylum seeking women.

Two women both from Africa shared their…


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Dream building in Monitoring and Evaluation

On 21st Sep, I shared about Constellation's SALT approach and community life competence process with 27 students of Monitoring and Evaluation course organised by Government of India in Narela near Delhi. The students are professionals from different countries of the world.

There was a moment when when I asked them of their dream for Monitoring and Evaluation in year 2020. In groups they discussed on this and the discussion was very rich. It was even richer, vibrant when each group…


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​SALT to build community leadership

Sarah Mount from Anti-Slavery International invited me  to conduct a training for one of its partner NGOs, Jan Jagriti Kendra (JJK) based in Chhattisgarh (India). JJK works with communities who go to other states of India for work and end up being bonded labourers especially in brick lins.

In the learning event there were 40 participants including NGO staff, volunteers and community members.  JJK team noted that their challenge in working with communities was that community members…


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Self-assessment & SALT visit to homes of domestic workers

Background- We have been using community life competence process to develop self assessment framework for domestic workers on decent working conditions. This is in Delhi under an ILO partnership with Institute of Social Studies Trust. In CLCP, after the communities develop a common dream, we facilitate self assessment ie where they are in terms of their dreams and where they want to go. Similarly, under this project in a workshop about 20-25 domestic workers did their…


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Community life competence for stimulating domestic workers’ response to their working conditions

I had the opportunity to facilitate community life competence process with domestic workers. This is part of the work for which Reiko and Suneetha from ILO Delhi office have invited us to use the approach to develop a participatory monitoring tool for the domestic workers on their working conditions. The event brought together domestic workers, their families, NGOs, employers, Trade unions and ILO staff . We saw slight changes emerge which gave us hope. Reflections showed that strength-based…


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Dream of Domestic workers

 “Our biggest dream is that our employers treat us with love and care and dignity. They trust us and value our work. They do not discriminate against us. We have the same blood as them.” That was the comment by one of the domestic worker in her early thirties.  This dream was echoed by 20 domestic workers of Kalyanpuri area in outskirts of Delhi. They said that some employers are nice but some are very harsh. Some even keep different utensils for them to eat. It takes both sides to…


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