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SALT's Effect on Kampong KB (Family Planning Village) - After Activity Reflection - Indonesia #part2

Four of the local facilitators attended after activity reflection on introducing SALT and CLCP on Kampong KB initiative. There were

1. Nurkomala Dewi who is good at inclusive education, family-based care and caring of children with disability.

2. Linda Yuliantini, she is very smart on communication and enthusiast on gender and waste maagement

3. Widad Farid Z, who is our champion on reproductive health (RH), advocacy on RH program design and costing 

4. my…


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SALT's Effect on Kampong KB (Family Planning Village) - Indonesia #part1

Hello dearest friends!

These are stories of my individual's experiences and other local facilitators' ones when we worked with 13 groups on the Family Planning/Keluarga Berencana - KB Villages program (Kampong KB).  The program is the Indonesian Presidents' initiative to boost poverty alleviation by inviting all relevant development actors to support the Kampoong KB movement. Currently, the initiative has been run for three years and we found almost 2100 Kampong KB has been…


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The inherent value of the SALT approach to Human Development initiatives lies in that it is a cue to the intended beneficiary that the practitioner respects them. Only when there is a strong sense of collegiality can constructive engagement take place.Even then , the flexibility that SALT brings allows for the possibility of the practitioner to watch his original ideas come to fruition without actually voicing them!SALT is thus a wake-up call for the expert to let go- and the underdog to…


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Laura The Storyteller

"There is nothing as palpable and wonderful as sharing a story about our lives, or telling a folk tale that we know, and not giving a moral or explanation, but just seeing what it reminds people of."

I recently spoke with the award-winning New York-based storyteller Laura Simms for Arukah Network's 'How To Build Community' podcast. You might enjoy it:…


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“Yes, that’s your opinion; but what would be an example?” - deepening SALT by story telling

What I appreciate so much about SALT, is that it fosters deep connections between people. When we suspend judgment and take time to listen deeply, we arrive at a shared understanding. We meet in a field described by Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there."

As facilitators, how do we allow such a field to emerge? How do we facilitate conversations so that this authentic, vulnerable human connection can build?…


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Communities are not just 'data gatherers'!

WWF Netherlands and the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands organized a three-day workshop on Citizen Science in The Hague in early July 2019. The workshop brought together  representatives from civil society, science and government to learn from interesting cases studies, unpack prominent themes related to citizen science and share experiences.…


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Citizens at the Centre: A journey with my Tamarack Institute colleagues

Last month I joined Tamarack's Liz Weaver and Sylvia Cheuy on a cross-country tour to deliver Citizens at the Centre - a travelling workshop on how to engage ordinary citizens in the community change process. 

It was hectic. Five workshops, in five cities, over eight days - Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. A weekend glamping in the Rockies in between, followed by two nights at Tofino before returning to Melbourne Australia.

What was it all…


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Whose knowledge is valid?

I have been informally involved with Society for Community Research and Action. The group recently had an exciting discussion on definition of CP practice and how it can/is/should change! I watched the video later and found it very useful and want to share with you. Thanks to Nicole Freund, Research Scientist, Managing Editor, Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice for this video. 

Key takeaways from the video

Whose knowledge is…


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Le chemin vers la Réconciliation au Burundi/The Way for Reconciliation in Burundi

English version below.

"Le chemin vers la Réconciliation "

Des membres de la Constellation et France Compétence se préparent à marcher sur le "Chemin de St Jacques" à partir du 25 Mai 2019, pour soutenir un très joli et important projet de Réconciliation en Burundi.

L’idée de ce projet est de…


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Community-based participatory art project in Beijing (China)

I attended a presentation on The Feather Nest Project with Bojun Hu, Ilda Freire, and Emily Wong. Taos Institute organises regular calls for its associates and I am proud to be their associate. This presentation explored the co-creative process in a community-based participatory art project, and discussed embodied ways of transforming the relational space in between people.  Bojun, Ilda, and Emily co-created a community-based participatory art project in Beijing China. The Feathers Nest…

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ABCD with Cormac Russell

In Arukah Network's new 'How To Build Community' podcast I spoke with Cormac Russell from Nurture Development about his experiences of ABCD over 20 years, 30 countries and hundreds of communities. 

Give it a listen and please do share with others!

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"How Listening, Not Money, Changed My Neighbourhood in Zambia"

Mathews Monde is a member of Arukah Network from rural Zambia. In 2017, the Ministry of Health named him one of the country's "most innovative" health workers. This blog he's written for the US National Conversation Project helps to explain why...

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Students Experienced Court Room Proceedings

Students Experienced Court Room Proceedings

Dated April 15, 2019, Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

Law Day was celebrated across the country to celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms which came in to effect in 1982. The Court Office opened its doors to the public on Sunday, April 14, 2019 for Law Day Celebration. The day serves as an opportunity for curious guests to learn all about the Canadian Justice system.

It gave the public a…


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A SALTY Exercise in Kerala

Yesterday I conducted my first SALTY activity. Well, technically I didn't conduct it because I don't have the language skills. I shared the idea with my field team member Krishna and she conducted the session. My colleague Balaram and I brainstormed to design the session.

Having just completed my SALT facilitator training, this was a momentous occasion for me.…


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Un festival d'échange local - Une opportunité de décloisonner les collectifs et renforcer nos compétences

Retour sur une expérience d'organisation d'un festival d'échange local (sans autres ressources que notre volonté et enthousiasme). 

Tout a commencé suite à une rencontre. Tout commence toujours par une rencontre de toute manière, n'est-ce pas?

Une rencontre entre Lysiane Cueff et moi en 2014. Notre enthousiasme commun pour l'approche SALT et la vision du réseau Constellation ainsi que l'affection que nous…


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Call for Candidates new Constellation Board

As a next step in our change towards shared ownership of the Constellation dream, The Constellation is looking to establish a new board.…


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Crossing thresholds together

“What accent do you have? You're not from around here.”  Even in a country that values social equality, there are historically rank differences between urban citizens from the large cities and the administrative centres on one hand, and residents from remote rural areas on the other hand.  In the 80s of the last century, candidates from rural areas (speaking with a distinct accent) were not accepted for trainee positions at a large bank. …


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Pioneering doctor at forefront of HIV/AIDS treatment in Winnipeg to retire

Pioneering doctor at forefront of HIV/AIDS treatment in Winnipeg to retire

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