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Hillary, Stoves Won’t Save the World

This post first appeared on HUMNews for World Pneumonia Day. 

"Hillary Clinton unveils initiative on clean cooking stoves," was among last year’s highlights at the Millennium Development Goals Summit. But what has become of The Global Alliance…


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Youth rises above rape, HIV+ status to become rights advocate

Weathering a slew of bad experiences, 24-year-old Korey Anthony Chisholm has been able to take the negatives in his life and turn them into positives, displaying resilience beyond his years. Korey is no ordinary young man. In fact, if he had allowed what life has thrown at him to get the better of him he would not have been here today. But instead he planted his feet firmly on the ground, seemingly made stronger by adversity.

Brutally raped by two men at the age of 16, becoming…


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Passion like fire is a good servant but a bad master

A couple of colleagues came back excitedly after a meeting with a community leader who had expressed her frustration at how things could be better done for the children in her neighbourhood. Our colleagues informed that this community leader was of the opinion that Beyond will probably do the job of looking after the kids well and asked us to present a proposal to her fellow committee members.   Hence, our colleagues wanted to be helpful but after talking and thinking it through, they now…


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Working with the Guyana Prision Service Trainee Officers

In setting the ground rules for our discussions I asked those gathered if they promised to be honest and open with me, as facilitator, I'll do the same and together we will learn from each other.

It never ceases to amaze me how the "Are We Human?" question stimulates thinking and generates lively banter. The ensuing discussions naturally humanizes the gathering and sets the perfect stage to the discussions following.

We were given 1 1/2hrs to facilitate, our community was…


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The Power of the Facilitator

I think the great facilitator to any local response is that you have to be comfortable with yourself, know your values and have a willingness to be transparent and open to your community.

If you allow preconceived notions to bias you, you will never make the impact you need to because you'll miss the window of opportunity to treat people as humans. Humans who like yourself, are subject to mistakes and failures and who can develop strength through out that process to develop themselves…


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Community Action Day Activity 2011



Community Action Day 2011 SALT Activity


We started one hour late due to rain. The rain however did not damper our spirit. It was here, our Community Action Day activity.

I planned a SALT activity with my family,…


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Mentoring Among Local Organizations—Here’s How!

Following on the interest in my posts on exchange visits between local organizations and oral reporting, here’s another set of guidelines on mentoring relationships for your use and adaptation.


Stronger, more sustainable community-based organizations can contribute to a more effective and participatory civil society…


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Home Visit in Odessa

Posting below on behalf of Ian Campbell and his facilitation team members in Odessa - Ukraine. After a SALT visit, the team followed up on an invitation to bring a visit at the house of the people they met. They left enriched. Enjoy the reading!


During the SALT visit to the refugee group, Mohammed from Guinea said ‘I am a man-I can succeed and I will.’…


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Elena's life story

I want to share the story of one beauty and on the other hand strong young women who is also my friend - Elena or simply in Russia - Lena. I think her story is really inspiring for people living with HIV. And she is also one of the SALT visits organizers in Samara.

My name is Lena.  I am a nurse by profession, so I had some information about…


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We did our first SALT visit as a team on Friday, Nov 3rd 2011 at the SALVATION ARMY, Georgetown Guyana.

Before the meeting Steve, Nadia and I kept in contact, constantly SHARING ideas, about the concepts we learnt in the CLC workshop. It was exciting to LISTEN to each other's views and share our thoughts. 

On the day of the planning meeting, I had black out or no electrical power at home. Steve and Nadia and Myself kept in contact via phone. Later that day, creativity…


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Our way of thinking, trying to put this into words.At the end of this Chapter we were asked for our input,there are a few things I would say differently ...I would say ...

we are all learning, growing and changing.... continuously 

The capacity continues to be revealed and nurtured.

My thinking: 

We are right where we need to be in any given moment. There are several things going on here, first, whatever…


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Targeted Intervention (TI) and CLCP: Target and Universal Coverage

The main difference between Targeted Intervention (TI) and CLCP is in the coverage. For TI by its very nature targets only a subset in a community, while CLCP involves the entire community or universe in consideration, thereby ensuring universal coverage.

In an earlier post, I had presented coverage as two…


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My first SALT visit, I was amazed says Alla

UNAIDS and Constellation organised a Knoweldge fair in Odessa in Oct 2011. Alla was one of the participants who went for her first SALT visit. She was very impressed by SALT. She gave a video recording of her experience in Russian which Rituu will upload. I saw the video and did the English translation. I live in Russia and did the English translation for Rituu when she was the facilitator in Kazan. I am very taken in with SALT and from a translator also became a SALT…


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