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ADDING COLOURS TO LIFE:one more initiative from medical college Trichur ART center

ART adherence interventions in Children affected by HIV should be child-centered and appropriate. We at Thrissur Medical College initiated a new initiative aimed at making ART Centre visit a pleasure than a pressure for our children. We believe drawing and painting can lead to colourful thoughts and hopes and improve creativity in them. Finding one more reason other than routine clinic visit can motivate the caregivers and beneficiaries to make clinic more comfortable and this can improve the… Continue

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This Five lettered word (SORRY) does wonders yet we often find it difficult to say. I think that one of the reasons why this word is difficult is because we claim right, too proud, and refuse to see things in another person’s way. Imagine if we can say “I am sorry” when we wrong or offend some one how much stress it could reduce? But we rather make things worse by claiming being right.

Take a look around and see how many people are hurting just because someone feels or felt to say simple… Continue

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Community - Way of Thinking [Mentoring]

just an excerpt from one of my Workshops....[conducted @ a school]


1 focus--keep the discussion on track

2 summarization skill

3 preparation skill

4 learn something from your group

5 develop questioning skill

6 adaptability & flexibility

7 be an active listener

Look for Strength/Strong… Continue

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Way of Working UP.......

Listed below are a few of the topics covered @ Youth Challenge over this past weekend. I included sum pics from the said Workshop.


Communities with HIV/AIDS Issues




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Communities care and include :

AIDS Action Committees are small groups of people from within the community, who are committed to

countering the stigma faced by people living with HIV within communities and within their own families. They are rooted within their communities, significantly influence community attitudes and…


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L'histoire de Beho 'intégré' - un centre pour demandeurs d'asile

Beho est un centre d’accueil pour demandeurs d’asile de la croix rouge de Belgique situé dans la province de Luxembourg dans la Commune de Gouvy. Comme les autres communautés, personnes ou institutions vivant en Belgique, ces Centres sont confrontés aux différents problèmes de la vie courante par exemple la procédure d’asile, l’intégration, le VIH, l’alcoolisme, la gestion des conflits.

Après la participation à la foire d’échanges organisée par Belcompetence en avril 2009 ; les…


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How ACP strengthened Truckers Programme

This is a story of how ACP can complement a Targeted intervention programme. Our main learning is that resources, medicines and awareness is important but not enough. For an effective response to HIV engagement of the community is a must. This sharing also has an interesting anecdote of Pappu the transport manager of Sapan Transport in Dimapur district who changed to support the truckers on HIV after coming in contact with the ACP team.

Truckers… Continue

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Empowering Patients Using SALT

Hello ALL,

I've been away from the site for a bit so im now back to catch up and to share a few pics from my visit to the HIV ward of Georgetown Public Hospital. Yesterday was my birth anniversary so i felt the urge to take breakfast for the patients and nurses of the HIV ward of the Hospital on Saturday.

All went well as planned, I prayed with them, we talked, laughed and i took the opportunity to empower them on being more proactive upon returning to society.

It's… Continue

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