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Mauritius Drug Platform

Thanks for your interest in the work of the Mauritian drug platform.  Information about the platform will follow.  For now, you can already read what facilitators shared about the platform… View »

Mauritius Stories of Change

  J'aime mon corps, Oui je l'aime! Sabine raconte comment l'amour pour son propre corps lui a aidé à surmonter une addiction à l'héroïne de 8 ans.  Elle parle de la barrière qui existe ent… View »

Mauritius Videos

In Mauritius, people, organisations and facilitators change in order respond to the drug challenge. People, families and communities change: From the people who recovered from addiction and are now s… View »

île Maurice

Welcome! Bienvenue! Nu enn cominote baze dan moris, ki travay ek lezot comunote, apran ar lezot ek montre lezot pou enn fitir meyer pu nu pei. In Mauritius, we join hands for a brighter future for ou… View »

A word about Tags

In order to find useful content it is important that we tag our stories consistently. When you have added your story, consider which tags to add. There is now a pull down list. By having a standard l… View »

Principle 7: Accept ourselves, then we can accept others

If we accept ourselves and our situation,then we can accept and support other more readily. "Colorful Friendship Added Value to My Life" Gina from Pontianak, Indonesia, had to overcome quite some pre… View »

Principle 6: Tap into the culture

If we tap into the culture of people they will apply what they know already Condoms are hip at Bangkok University To convince students, who are very well aware of HIV/AIDS, to use condoms - we a… View »

Principle 5: Meeting people on a human level helps us understand the issue

When we met people living with HIV on a human level,it helps us understand that HIV affects us all. "I refused tea from HIV+ person" Sandeep from New Dehli got coincidentally involved in HIV/AIDS wor… View »

Principle 4: Accepting the issue

When communities accept the spread of HIV is their issue, they will take steps to prevent it and care for those affected. "Muslim communities in Southern Thailand" Rawsedee Lert-Ariya How 'Hmong' sav… View »

Principle 3: Share accurate, timely information

"When Harry's friend got HIV, life did not stop" When Harry's friend in Jakarta heard he was HIV positive he was cared for by a group of friends and counsellors. As a result, his life di… View »



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