Rituu B. Nanda

New Delhi


Profile Information:

Rituu B. Nanda
Global Fund for Children & Constellation
About Me:
*I ponder on the the question -who am I?
*I love SALT but practice is difficult.
*Want to explore the connection between SALT & spirituality.

My professional interests are facilitating community conversations, participatory action research, participatory evaluation, gender and equity issues; complexity and systems thinking; Public health and child and bonded labour and child are two issues I have primarily worked.
My dream:
-Have no expectations from anyone as they are cause of misery
-to be selfless in whatever I do. If I help I do not expect anything in return, if I care I have no selfish motive. Otherwise its business.
-to connect as a human being with others
-to be appreciative
-to be a deep and compassionate listener
I'm proud of:
I have tried to follow my inner voice. When I facilitate SALT, feel that this is what I was meant to do.
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  • charles esibikhwa edward

    thanks enough.lets get our work done and continue the conversation to share insights and challenges in the community.

  • Radhakrishnan Nair

    Dear Ms. Rituu,

    Indian Association of Life Skills Education is organising its 6th International Conference on Life Skills Education from 29th to 31st January 2015 at Guwahati in collaboration with Don Bosco Institute.

    We are very happy to invite you and the Social Competence network to associate with us in the conference. For more details of the conference please see our site; www.ialse.in 

    At present I am in Delhi and if you feel required contact me in my no. 9711952229.


  • hervé guidou

    I have to re-learn English language to share more easily with most people. I'll do. thanks for your welcome. 

  • Meble Birengo

    Thanks Rituu, hope that he can be intouch as well.

  • Josep Segui

    Thank you very much, Rituu :)

  • Tianfang Liu

    yes, my name given by my father does have special meaning. It consists of two Chinese characters:  Tian(甜) means 'sweet';Fang(芳) refers to 'fragrant' which was given after my three older sisters (the last character of their names is Fang). But yet I still don't know why my father gave Tian to me, because I can not figure out its relation to my sisters' names. My father's answer to this was simple. He said:" I prepared a boy's name because we supposed you were a boy...so when I know you are a girl, I just randomly picked out a character from a Chinese dictionary."

  • Shiny Saha

    Thanks rituu :)

  • Antonio Robledo

    Hi Ritu,

    thanks for your message. Nice round number !

    I uploaded my picture and will keep an eye on all the comments, activities, etc. It's all new for me !

    Best regards from Geneva,



  • joel nonyane

     Thank you Rituu

  • joel nonyane

    The Youth oF Luckau Village

  • Dee Brooks

    Thanks for the feature, Rituu!

  • Nudhar Bundhoo

    Thanks Rituu! Greetings from Mauritius!

  • Albie Colvin

    Rituu, Thank you for inviting me to join this community. Such a wealth of both passion and knowledge.

  • Cindy-Lee Harper

    Hi Rituu, I see Australia is not one of the countries listed in the header. I would like to encourage some friends to join, so could it be please? I would like Australians to know more about other countries' stories and vice versa.


    Hi Rituu,

    Thank to invited me to join us. It´s a pleaser to meet you and to see all the love and passion you have for your work. For sure i have a lot to read, hear and learn about you.


    Thanks Marlou & Rituu.

    I read your warm welcome note just now:)

    Pic is uploaded!!


  • Stephanie Caldy

    Dear Rituu, 
    Thank you for your kind words!!!
    Please feel free to use our mind Map on your Face book cover page, do you need a jpeg? Otherwise, you can easily download it from this site.
    Also I included the mind map in my last post and add a translation in English so that you can get what we do! 
    Pls. let me know when the photo is on your FaceBook
    Cheers from Geneva to Delhi!
  • Sandeep Mittal

    Dear Rituu ji

    Thanks for attending the AIDSCON and making an excellent presentation. It was really a different way of presentation without entangling the audience in power point presentation and making an effective interaction with audience. 

  • Thomas Nhepa

    Hi Rituu

    Warm regards from Zimbabwe l hope to share our community life experiences, challenges and successes

  • jephias mundomdo

    Hi Rituu,

    Thank you very much for the the tips , will habe to rely on you guys as I find my legs

  • jephias mundomdo

    Thank you Rituu for the encouragement , Warm Greeting to you too.

  • Jesson S. Kenneth

    Dear Ritu

    I would like to know more about your work in the North East. 

  • Kirsten Williams

    Hi Rituu,

    I would have loved to meet however I moved to Milan in February and I am based here at least until July. Sorry about the confusion, a good reminder to make sure I modify my profile.

    Hopefully we will still be able to meet up at some point soon enough.

    Kind regards,


  • Subash Pandey

    Thqnks Morlou and Rituu for welcoming me to this wonderful platform.
  • Birgitta Schomaker

    Thank you Rituu for your welcome post. I just wrote a post on my experience with Joke and Gemma in Kerkrade in November. I'm sorry for writing this report in Dutch (with lots of quotes in English ;-)
    Maybe I find time to translate it in English. 

  • Leonie Heppener

    Thank you for the welcome Rituu. I am very happy to be part of such a wonderful group of people and applying this o the project I am buidling. Looking forward to listening sharing and lots in the future. Hopefully we will get to meet!



    bonjour Rutuu B je t' envoi les photos de la journée mondiale de paludisme dans le Sankuru


    le SALT est solliciter par d'autres, communauté championne intallé par USAID   et la division provinciale de la Santé du Sankuru 



    ces sont de PHOTO que je vous envoi pour la publication

  • Judith Bagachwa

    Thx Rituu, am still getting used to the community web. Hope you are doing fine, enjoy your day.

  • Simone Reeves

    unfortunately I was out of town ;(. Back now. And in contact with Marlou

  • Simone Reeves

    Thank you for welcome!

  • Ashok O Rao

    Thanks Rituu, took time selecting which one would look nice.

  • Musafiri Kizito Sebastien

    Merci vraiment pourtout ce que vous faites!!!!
  • Yumilah Govinden

    Hello Rituu:-)  An autodidact artist is someone who is self taught and did not learn art from any school. 

  • Glenn O'Neil

    thanks Rituu - I think "real" in that there is quite some lip service on what is local community action as organisations don't want to let go...

  • Peter J. Bury

    Thank you for your welcome Rituu!

  • Peter J. Bury

    Everything it it's own time... ;-)

  • C R Jayasankar

    I know only a very few things on the work being done by you all. would like to know more and participate in one or two events you are organizing. would like to discuss about the tools and tips on health education and health related training programs. Congrats for your committed and concerted work.

  • Anne Mwende Ndolo

    HHave used SALT in my studies especially when doing our project work this has helped us to complete our project faster and incorporated everyone's point of view. This has helped all members to own the work done by the group as their own and justify information given by the members like it was their original idea.

  • Akhilesh Kumar Terwari

    It is experienced that children and adolescent girls can provide unbiased feedback and raised the issues affecting them, their families, schools and wider community-if equipped with skills, opportunities and platforms for participation. We are building skills of children and adolescent girls for up streaming their issues through writing their stories, participating in community level participatory planning on their needs, communicating with service providers, influencing gendered and development oriented behaviors. Oracle under its CSR initiatives is supporting us for empowering adolescent girls in sphere of integrated  community development in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. We would like to associate with you to share and enhance journalistic skills of children and adolescent girls for their sustainable empowerment. 

  • Anthony D. Pfeiffer

    Hi Rituu, 

    Thank you for your kind words. A dream that for me, must become a reality. We need each other. 

    Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way" said "We are to midwife one another's dreams." 

  • Awuor PONGE

    Dear Rituu,

    Thank you for your very kind words. I will try and do a few statements. At the moment however, I'm bogged down with some strict deadlines.


  • Anthony D. Pfeiffer

    Yes, I will add a photo. Working on a new headshot. 

  • Anthony D. Pfeiffer


    Your post is inspiring! I had to grab the last part and repeat it here:

    Everyone knows what isn't right...their flaws, their weaknesses, but few people know and focus on their strengths, the talents, their skills, their blessings... what is right. It's true isn't it... when our own mental patterns guide us we feel so empowered, no matter what challenges we have, no matter what mountains we need to climb, we make a plan and go about getting it done. More importantly, when we share our dream with others they feel the need to help us fulfill our dreams. We dream together and each other’s words feed our minds and stimulate thought and action.

    I end with a beautiful quote by Dom Helder Camara: When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.

  • Anthony D. Pfeiffer

    My experience in this particular is brand new. Most of my experiences of community both good & challenging have been faith-based in the United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico. 

    For several years I was active in the Mankind Project local community in Cleveland, OH. New Warriors is a rite of passage for men with weekly groups for support. I facilitated several of these during my time there. 

    I love everything about community, especially sitting in circle. Currently, I am a co-host for monthly World Cafe online calls. Also, taken a course on The Circle Way. 

    My BIG wild idea is a sustainable ecosystem where each of us is supported for life. We have someone greeting us at birth and usually helping us leave at death. Our first breath is witnessed by another human being. And, so is our last. Why not have life support for every breath in between? From cradle to grave. 

  • jolanda kirpensteijn

    But I see I a photo? I put one at the start. Don't you see it?

  • Moses Himakanta

    Thanks team. Am humbled

  • Nancepreet Kaur

    Hello Ritu, Marlou & Marie,

    Thanks very much for adding us (VHAI) to your online community. It is great  to be part of active global knowledge sharing platform. 

    Will upload my photo as well as experience soon :)

    Best Wishes

    Dr. Nancy


  • Dharmendra Bana

    Dear Ritu,

    Thanks for adding me on Community Life Competence group. As per your suggestion I have added my profile picture. It is really nice to be a part this wonderful platform. 

    Best regards,

    Dharmendra Bana