“Shifting knowledge power: Pathways towards more equity in learning processes”

The international solidarity sector is taking a more proactive approach to local communities by supporting local civil societies. But is this sufficient ? The way in which organizations design, monitor, and evaluate actions is not neutral and should be also questioned.

Methods used in our sector reveal unequal patterns of knowledge production and use that maintain inequality and injustice since they don’t acknowledge all types of knowledge. As a result, Indigenous communities and other knowledge holders from the global South, such as women and youth, are de facto excluded from learning practices.

How can affected people be really empowered through recognizing their situated knowledge? How can International solidarity organizations facilitate this process by revisiting their methodologies and learning processes? How can we shift the power in knowledge production and use ?

April 20th, 2023,  workshop will be in French, English and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation 12:00 to 14:30 French time.

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This workshop is taking place within the Social Change Workshop program, thanks to the support of:

It is being held in cooperation with the global Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) community of practice, the Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association and the Constellation.

"Transferir el poder del conocimiento:
¿Qué pasos hacia una mayor equidad en los procesos de aprendizaje?

Las organizaciones de solidaridad internacional tienen cada vez más en cuenta en la implementacion de sus acciones a las comunidades locales y a las personas destinatarias.  Cuestionar el manejo de los fondos de ayuda, las colaboraciones y alianzas y el modo de gobierno interno de las organizaciones, son algunas de las numerosas respuestas a esta situacion. Pero, ¿son suficientes?

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El taller se organiza en cooperación con la Comunidad Mundial de Prácticas sobre Gestión del Conocimiento para el Desarrollo (KM4Dev), la Asociación de Evaluación de Asia y el Pacífico y The Constellation.

“Déplacer le pouvoir de la connaissance :

Quels chemins vers une plus grande équité dans les processus d’apprentissage ? 

Des pistes pour agir
Comment les personnes concernées peuvent-elles être réellement reprendre leur pouvoir d’agir grâce à la reconnaissance de leurs connaissances situées ? Comment les organisations de solidarité internationale peuvent-elles faciliter ce processus en revisitant leurs méthodologies et leurs processus d'apprentissage ? Comment pouvons-nous déplacer le pouvoir dans la production et l'utilisation des connaissances ?

20 avril de 12h à 14h30, heure française.

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Time: April 20, 2023 from 12pm to 2:30pm

Location: CET

Event Type: online, workshop