Strengthening Local Support Teams as a mean to achieving the Constellation's dream

Over the 14 years of its existence, the Constellation has evolved to comprise several organs. These organs include country teams, sometimes referred to as country competences, such as India competence or France competence or BelCompetence [Belgium Competence] for example; thematic teams, such as malaria competence, for example; Global Support Team the ‘heart’ of the organization was also a unique organ.

When we embarked into ‘shared governance’ we wanted to simplify our organizational structure organogram to reflect a simple system. In doing so the different organs were grouped into one label namely, the Local Support Teams. The Transition Team observed during its conversations on ‘shared governance’ that Local Support Teams have relevance within ‘shared governance’ and can contribute to the Constellation’s dream.

There is a need to explore further, how can the Local Support Teams strengthen the Constellation, are they the key to the momentum towards the Constellation’s dream, how can they contribute EVEN more to the work of the Constellation? Do you have an opinion any of these?

Some guiding principles
It is our thinking that we should not over specify what LST is, but give space for them to evolve, either as individuals or as groups that are engaging in local response. LSTs are doing things based on their strengths and circumstances. There should be an opportunity for them to evolve to be a support team in the Constellation and not only to Local Response.

The will of the people in the respective teams might differ. They might desire to be formal or informal teams; practice SALT/CLCP only in their own context. We should ascertain their willingness to become part of the Constellation pursuit of its dream and how.

Our support to the respective teams should be in accordance with their local response. Are the groups or teams willing to be groomed by the Constellation team?

We recognize that the Constellation’s dream cannot be achieved without the actions, locally. The Local Support Teams, however, should show that what they are doing locally is connected with what is happening globally. That they are bringing something to the network and to the Constellation dream.

It would be nice to have active Local Support Teams around the world. They will make the network stronger. These LSTs should be in pursuant of the Constellation’s dream.

Over a three year period beginning in 2019, the Voting Membership identified three priority practices, viz: [1] We have sustainable resources available to support the network; [2] We nurture our network for local responses; and [3] We become a voice for Local Responses, that the Board Committee will implement.

In an effort to accomplish priority practice 2: We nurture our network for local responses; a number of deliverables were identified to be accomplished during the period August to December 2019.
Strengthening Constellation Exchanges;
Nurture network for local response; and
Membership management.

A SMART action to accomplish the deliverable Nurture network for local response, was Support to country teams - or set up [different settings] support for learning and sharing.

A small team comprising Autry and Nabaraj undertook to work on this deliverable. The process included first, developing the Level 5 for this SMART action, meaning what this SMART action looks like when the deliverable would have been achieved with the respective LST.

The level 5 developed is:
“Local Support Teams in The Constellation actively exchange and learn around the development of Local Responses in their context and globally. They contribute to the sustainability of the network of groups, communities and other Local Support Teams by playing their part to the visibility, financial and organisational needs of the network. .”

We would love your response to this request and love to have a conversation as well, on your LST. Please contact
[1] Autry Haynes -; whatsApp +592 654 5043; skype autry.haynes;
[2] Nabaraj Adhikari - ; Mobile/WhatsApp: +4792533068 | Skype: nobium19