I would like to hear from you about this question that I posted few days ago.

Do we have the capacity of being peace?

What would be your answers and why it is so?

Let me elaborate what comes in me now, I have capacity of being peace. My peace has been increased. YOu may ask me from when? Yes I know this could be a prossible question. My peace has been increased since last three years , I would say more in 2011. Of course the next question to me would be 


And how do I know that my peace has increased?

 I dont need to know,

actually I am in peace. It's like that. It may sound bit phylosophical but look at yourself and tell me do you need to know you are in peace or you are already in peace?


What was my secret of Being Pecae or what ever I call it ...

One of the recipes is SALT. I see SALT  can act as a tool for Love. So SALT is a tool for Peace and Love.

Why I am saying this? 

Ok reflect on how do you find peace?

We lisent to our inner being (L), If we do not understand our being we can ask stimulating question ( yes, the question should be stimulating, if you are annoyed, angry you dont ask a stimulating question,, you ask arrogant ones may be. So ask a stimulating question and you see how your heart, your inner being opens to you, So by asking question I know why my peace is not at home and has gone far away.

When I ask question I also get my answer, as the answer lies within. So I transform my self thought or self talk which was not so in peace to a peace level. And I become peace and since I am in peace I appreciate myself.

That is one of the recipes of Peace.

What is your's? Tell ...reveal to us how you arrive in peace.







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Peace is an absence of war, need of different stakeholders met, no physical, structural and cultural violence. Everyone of us have the capacity to attain peace. In my own persperctive peace should start within ourlselves eventually it will spread the effects as what Ripple theory believes in. It is hard to promote a certain Ideology if you, yourself do not embrace such belief.


I love your posting. You are so much in peace and I see how you want to bring peace to this loving planet, to all. I see you wrote "need of different stakeholders met, no physical and cultural violence'?

Could you please elaborate how we can do that?



Rebbeca, if your asking for my personal experience, I want to be a meduim of peace. I have imperfections and weakness, so as much as possible, I structured my life to toward my goal, is that to become an effective peacemaker in the future. I started out as a volunteer in one Peace group who advocates the people in grassroots level, this is where I developed the passion,,, I realized also that I should live what I teach to the people, so it becomes a challenge for me to become a better person. I dicided to study further to be ready and more equip when I teach and help people, well this is to fill the knowledge aspect of my life and I have my God to fill my heart with compasson to others. Heart and mind must work at the same time, it should be balance for more effective and fulfilling peacemaker. God bless:)

When you appreciate other peoples' strengths and you are open to learning and grant other people the opportunity to grow regardless of their state and shortfalls you will definitely experience peace. As you continue to practice this art, you will dwell in peace, peace within self and with people around you; and eventually you will be PEACE. Every small step counts. It does not an overnight or one time thing. YOU CAN BE PEACE~



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