Good morning everyone from warm Jakarta!

I 've joined the peace competence group just now and would like to ask friends how do you create peace with yourself. I read Ephraim’s discussion and liked when he wrote peace begins from our heart. Now tell me how you bring that peace in your heart? How you create it? What thoughts help you to do that and is there any process to create, restore peace in our hearts all time? Or in case we fall from the wagon of peace how can I come back to peace mode again?

I begin with my experience. I ask myself ‘are you in peace now’

A small voice in side me replied ‘Yes I am mam”   Hahahahah….

What causes me loss my peace? This can be a long list of  things….and then I ask myself who is the gate keeper of those many things?

I myself.

I realized this after years of reading, discussing with friends and with those who seems are all-time-in peace. I literally asked those people ‘what is your magic’?

The replies most of the time were ‘acceptance and self love’.

There are three quotes I read that I want to share with you today

“If it is to be it is up to me’

“ No one can hurt you with out your consent’

“This too shall pass’.

Friends lets start sharing our experience of keeping self peace, then we will move to community peace and world peace. How about that?


Peace for all



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My vulnerable peace:

in physical pain

in property lose


unskilled employees




suspect and doubts

community conflict

un-protected sex

hurting others

when i am hurt


this consequences may lead to different emotional aspects, leading to vulnerability of my peace


i may fail to tolerate but for sure, i ll try my best to be indifferent and ignore to keep my peace with me rather.




peace to all



Hi there!


I have discovered that practicing love and respect for my own person has helped me a lot to cultivate peace within myself and with the rest of the humanity and the Earth. It is not only about accepting myself; it is also about liking me and respecting me as it is. I learnt that feeling angry with myself for making a mistake only helped more fear, anger and violence grow within me. I think making negative statements about oneself, even more when not saying it all loud, works against developing appreciative and loving feelings towards other people and towards life in general and in all its forms.


“I am so stupid”, “why did I say that”, “why did I do that”, “I am so slow”, “I am too shy”, “I am too fat”, “I should shut up”, “I should have done it differently”, “I am not worth it”... I think those are judgments that we are all so used to do, silently, in our own head. Taking conscience of it when it happens and understanding that they are merely judgments and do not correspond to who I really am, has had some sort of a magical effect in me. Smiling lovingly at myself when it (still) happens and kindly thinking “here I go, I am doing it again”, is often enough to stop more negative feelings come and invade me. This is one of the simple things that help me feel at peace with myself.


I love to read how we all work so hard to find peace in ourselves and in the world at large. Please let’s keep sharing here!

(By the way, I find the Mindfulness Bell shared by Farellia really nice and useful:


Besos y paz


Hi Marion,


I use exactly the same practice, funny that you mention it here. It is so powerful to watch our thoughts and gain some 'control' over them. We don't have to be the 'slave' of our thinking, we choose our thoughts and we choose to continue to think this or that. :-) sometimes it seems like we don't have the choice or it is hard to change.

I think self-love is one of the most important things in life. One simple practice is everytime you brush your teeth, you look into the mirror and tell yourself 'I love myself'...





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