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Dear Friends,


Carrying forward here the exchange started on a Constellation booth at ICAAP.

We are hoping many Constellation friends will make it to the conference and will be able to 'manage' the booth that ADB generously put at our disposal.

Here are ideas from our friends so far:

- Rafique: Let us use the booth to organise an Asia-Pacific Knowledge Fair. We will also have to discuss what would be other media than poster that we could use in the Knowledge Fair. Also how we can get the materials across to the ADB booth in the unfortunate circumstance that one does not get sponsorship, as the Asia-Pacific Knowledge Fair, must not depend on individual sponsorship.

- Dewi: We as a Indocompetence team will share materials that we have, such as brochure, photos (reflecting our activity in one banner or poster,T-shirt, etc) bring maps from Indonesia to show the region who apply CLCP.  The idea is, we makes the booth like ASIA PACIFIC Village wit giant banner as a back-up and put all materials that all team and Constellation have to share.,we put TV to show videos and live streaming  from Ning. so the participant can see directly what we have been done.

- Gaston: Let’s make sure our Annual reports 2010 will be there. People were so impressed at the last conference this week by our Annual Report. Another thing was that I mentioned in the conference at the introduction: ‘We simply appreciate local strengths’. I had 7 people instantly jumping to me after the session. It’s so drastically different that it draws attention. So in order to draw attention from visitors and stand out next to the other booths, we could put out some large punchy statements? ‘We believe in every community’s capacity to respond to their life issues’ or ‘We learn from local action’, ‘We appreciate local strengths’. Then some photo’s of our work like we have in our office here?


More thoughts are very welcome!!


Also I hope to hear from friends soon who will be going to Busan so that together we can find creative solutions in getting materials from all country team and CST to the booth and arrange for how we can staff the booth!


All is possible,




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I am happy to share that the abstracts of these Constellation Friends were accepted

Dusit, Yda, Khun Usa, Gerlita, Rafique, Wiwin and Piermont. Congratulations friends.


May I request other Constellation friends to please share if they are planning to be at the conference.



The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Aisa and the Pacific (ICAAP10) Abstract List

Dear Friends,

Please post all your accepted abstracts in the 10 ICAAP on our NIng, so that we can decide on how to attend these during the ICAAP. Accordingly, to view the authors and titles of accepted abstracts, click here


With best regards,



Dear Marlou;


I'm thinking about country team is developing little poster to present its activity.  So our booth can display several poster from different countries.  or we can make it like catalog.  Is it technically ok?





Hello Wiwin,


Hello all!!

Thanks for thinking about materials to get to the Constellation Booth at ICAAP.

Yes, I think it would be great if each country team could:

1. Prepare a Poster Format about their Country Team, representing who you are and what you do. Those could decorate the booth.

2. Make hardcopies of their Share materials (brochures, flyers, pictures) available. Ideally each country team would find one or more persons in their country who go to Busan and who could help carry the material and make it available at the booth

3. Announce the Constellation Booth in your network, as widely as you can.


Do we have other thought?


Meanwhile, please send to me the name of any Constellation friend going to ICAAP, so we can mobilise them and invite them for get togethers.





Best wishes,





Dear Rituu, Marlou, and friends,

As all of you know, I did not apply for a scholarship for Busan ICAAP, because of the number of times I have availed it previously, and therefore the sure certainty of not procuring it this time.

However, since my abstract is accepted as a poster, and it is about CLCP, I was seeing how to get it across. It is appended after my signature. Rituu suggested emailing it to Marlou, who could arrange for print it locally and displaying in the ADB stall. Therefore, I am copying Marlou too in this mail.

With best regards,


Title : Diverse Diaspora - United Response: Community Life Competence Process

Keyword : Community Education, Geographical divide, Language divide, Digital divide

Mohamed Rafique1

1EMPHASIS, CARE India, India

Bridging geographical, political, language, and digital divides between source transit and destinations in three countries of South Asia.

Strategy was to facilitate the Community Life Competence Process (CLCP) whereby migrants discuss and implement their own action plans towards migration, HIV, and other life challenges. We call SALT our mode of interaction with communities.
S: stands for Stimulate, Support
A: stands for Appreciate
L: stands for Listen, Learn and Link
T: stands for Transfer, Team

In the 3 countries over fifty communities identified its strengths, resources, and their dreams of “where it wants to be”. However, only a handful of these communities have done a self-assessment, to know “where we are”. Following this assessment process, community participants then use technical networks to share electronically, building on the relationships created through cross-border study visits and meetings. They can connect with people who have already tried something in their own context, sharing practices via the global social networking site at thus gathering more experience in response to Migration and its attendant consequences.

Lessons Learned
*Social networking sites bridge across geographical, political, language, and digital divides.
*Identity is vital for Diaspora.
*Sustained Facilitation is required for maintaining Community response.

Contact Information   Mohamed Rafique (

 I learned thank you in Korean yesterday from my little neighbour- Komapsumnida

For my friends travelling to South Korea for ICAAP:-). Am I right Chawee?


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