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How would the Constellation become part of a broader movement powered by local responses?

The idea is to join forces with all those who share the same belief that communities have the capacity to pursue their own vision and address their own
concerns, and who share a similar way of working, based on appreciation of
strength, rather than analysis of weakness, or need. Joining forces is
important, to make large scale  progress and to join voices for greater belief
in community capacity and for related changes in the
behavior of global institutions.

I propose to hold this discussion in five steps, each of approximately one week.

First, we review a text called "Resonance" to replace the current "Our Roots" page of our website.  

Second, we contribute additional names of organisations, discuss criteria for inclusion and suggest how to approach them

Third, we suggest additional references and discuss criteria for inclusion

Fourth, we further reflect on the spiritual dimension of SALT

Then, we wrap up the discussion, edit the new page, post it and discuss next steps.

Many thanks to Marie and Apriil, who will animate the discussion.


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Dear JL, other founding fathers and all colleagues.


Really been inspired to read and re-read this discussion.  I found that reading these improving my English and enriching also my vocabulary.  Some of the ideas are challenging to be understood but I really enjoy reading this. The discussion is about me, actually, about my involvement from local responses.


I'd like to share about root. Based on my experience this is an innate capacity of us as human to be SALTY.  That we need some stimulation of SALT as an approach is a must.  Mostly, the facilitated groups or member of groups realizing that outsider put them in the position to act un-salty. so they need support and learn from the way facilitators or other community process CLCP and SALT approach to address such an issues at their context.


Meanwhile, suddenly, I remember when JL shared us - IndoCompetence members - his family tree and JL's wife initiation of conducting family gathering, Miss Martha - the UNFPA Indonesia Assistant Representative said that this initiation is awarded by heaven based on Islam's perspective. I believed that the family gathering was conducted SALT-tyly by JL and her wife.  In connection with the discussion, for me this is one proof  that implication of SALT at personal conduct resonance to faith and religious practice.


Really happy could share and learn from this prestigious discussion.



Thank you Wiwin!


What are the Constellation roots?

(1) "learning from local experience" Ian Cambell and April Foster,

(2) “acknowledgment of diverse backgrounds – spiritual and secular, with no imposition” Ian Cambell,

“whatever faith context or experience we come from, there is a sense of freedom to express that, interpret what we experience in light of that and share what that means to us with each other” April Foster,

(3) "care to change in home and neighborhood" Ian Cambell,

(4)"capacity of us as human to be SALTY" Wiwin. (Is it innate? It is a lot of work for me :)


Is this "What is essential to us as a Constellation movement for which we need unity in order to move forward?" (April)



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