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Hi dears, Racines de l'Espoir (Roots of Hope) is training young facilitators to deal with peace building and also with employment skills/entrepreneurship as a way to prevent youth from manipulation towards violence. Do you know any other national team having experience on stimulating young for entrepreneurship and employability skills? Do we have in our network self-evaluation framework on this? Also, Herve Lisoir of Fondation Roi Beaudoin ask me that I help him to accompagn one of his project in Burundi and I would like to propose some existing tools on CLCP. or design and propose new ones to discuss.

Thank you.

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Hi Eric, I have evaluated programmes for youth on vocational skills and livelihoods. If you need a team mate to think through the process, I am happy to do a skype call.

Hi Rituu, thank you for your offer to be my teamate. I will share with you draft of tools as a base of our skype call.


Hi Rituu,

My thinking is that after SALT visits and dream, 3 self assessment are needed for these field of competence. The first one would be to facilitate self assessment on individual profile, the second on the culture of entrepreneurship and the last on capacities related to the specific dream.

I have translated the practices and I will try to translate explanations of steps 1 to 5 for each practice.

What do you advice me on the tools?



Skype would be nice Eric. Thanks for all the work you have done.

Sure Skype is fine. I thought we discuss after you have read those framework. Now that is done. When can we have our skype, tomorrow if possible.

Hello Eric,

I have an interest in CLCP in relation with youth as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. Me and my friends-colleagues have explored this area in Ghana among ourselves, our friends and other young people. As Ghana is full of young entrepreneurs ready to go! I would like to know more on how you are doing it and share what we both have :)


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