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Dear people from the Community Life Competence,
I have a question that I would like to have your view on (based on your experience)
When, to you, is a visit a SALT visit? Specially when there is no local response (yet) that is the start of the CLCP?

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Aim of SALT visit is to help the people they are visiting realize their own strengths and realize diverse strengths of each other. Even if they are not responding collectively, once they start listening to each other and valuing the strengths and gifts everyone brings, it will be build community feeling and they will be motivated to respond. For me one indicator of success of SALT visit is that they invite you to come back again. And the ultimate aim- to transfer SALT!

Even if one is not able to do the community life competence process, SALT itself triggers a lot of action. 

Responses on Facebook 

Birgitta Schomaker
 Here the UK approach to SALT:
Although this protocol is from 2006, it might still have some useful elements.
Jan Somers
Jan Somers A visit becomes a SALT visit when the intention is to truly connect, to probe for talents and forces within the people you meet and within yourself . The intention NOT to teach, NOT to push, NOT to judge but to create a space for humanity to flourish. That is just my opinion of course.

I am sharing 'the SALT process how we are describing the SALT in the Healthy aging Kibaha 2025 project

Here is the link to the document

Joy via email from Philippines

Jean Louis Lamboray showed us how to do a SALT visit when he came to us with his "emprty cup" and just listened to us as a community of emerging SALT facilitators. sharing excerpts from past reports of the PinoyCompetence group

Thank you, Rituu, Birgitta, Jan, Eunice and Joy (and others who replied to me via facebook). I read your comments and will read the documents that you added.  I will go to my next SALT visit with a clear SALTy intention. This will increase the quality of the conversation to say the least and makes chances of opening up to eachother bigger. Apart from a CLCP that may come later, this is already great. To touch one another.


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