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Bonjour à tous et à toutes, le poste suivant s’inscrit dans le cadre de ma recherche pour valider ma formation à Distance : Master en Ingénierie des Systèmes de Formation et d’Emploi, à l’Université de Toulouse.

Dans votre expérience de coaching/facilitation des compétences à la vie, vous avez été souvent à l’écoute des préoccupations et des forces des communautés distinctes. La nature des préoccupations fait appel à la démarche d’accompagner et de lier les réponses, telle que le conçoit l’outil SALT. Concrètement, cela fait appel à la 10ème pratique de la grille de l’auto-évaluation qui concerne la mobilisation des ressources nécessaires pour accompagner les réponses locales.

L’objet de ce poste est de solliciter vos contributions pour ceux et celles qui auraient une expérience sur cette pratique dans le contexte de réponse à la préoccupation d’insertion socioéconomique des personnes vulnérables.

Mes remerciements anticipés   



Hello everybody, the following message concerns my research to validate my distance learning: Master in Training and Employment Engineering Systems, at the University of Toulouse.

In your facilitation activities around life competence, you often put your listening capacity to the service of communities in order to share concerns and strengths. The nature of concerns involves the approach to support and link responses from potential stakeholders, as designed the SALT process. Specifically, this involves you with the 10th practice of the self-assessment tool which, in your context means, your capacity to mobilize resources to support and link local responses.

The purpose of my posting on our community online is to solicit your contributions for those who have experience on this practice with regard to the concern of socio-economic integration of vulnerable people. 

Best regards

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Dear Eric,

We have had a discussion on this topic. Please see thes links.


A discussion by Laurence at

Blog by Younoussa

Indonesian experience  from Wiwin


Hope you find this useful.


Warm regards,



Resources could also include other material, human resources apart from funds. Here is an example from Nagaland India.


Office space to PNF by the government

Government has provided an old building in village of Malova in Nagaland for AIDS competence activities and to run a clinic. Thanks to efforts of Fr Joe from People in Need Foundation (PF)

Feel free to check out these links on organizational development and fundraising for grassroots groups on my blog:

Best of luck!


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