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Since being introduced to SALT and ACP, I really am enthused about "SALT" as a "Model of STRENGTH" for effective community development; SALT has the ability to make persons envision the "DREAM" by working harmoniously to make that "DREAM" a Reality! The old model of community organising and development "SWOT" is still useful but it is really a model that identifies the problems rather than offering concrete action solutions; SALT, on the other hand, has made communities come alive via "DREAM Building"! I have witnessed the "Differently-abled" draw their DREAM that encompassed flat buildings only thereby illustrating that their "specific needs" will be met via the "DREAM"! Most buildings in Guyana are not "differently-abled friendly" even though Guyana has a "Persons with disabilities Legislation"! The Parliament of Guyana has one wheel chair romp to access to ground floor only for "PWD"! Shared experiences has helped persons to "bond" via similar experiences that has created harmonious relations across Guyana. I think SALT has also been very instrumental in reducing "Stigma and Discrimination" among PLWHAS and the communities in which they reside by asking two simple questions "Are we Human?" and "What makes us Human"-these are very "Poignant" questions that goes to the depth of the Human Psyche and Soul! I am happy to Deliver SALT and ACP to the people of Guyana across different communities especially "Persons with Disabilities"! BLESSINGS!!!

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I'm smiling at the image of a "wheelchair romp" in Parliament!


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