Perspectives From The Frontlines: Drug-resistant TB and HIV
Citizen News Service (CNS)

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Dear friends,

The Citizen News Service (CNS) is sharing a series of case studies of people living with HIV who are also dealing with drug-resistant TB in Mumbai, India. We thank the Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders with helping with these interviews with people on the frontlines.

1. A Caring Treatment Conquers All Odds: Story of Shanti
Online at:

2. Chandrika's Fight Against The Deadly Virus-Bacteria Duo
Online at:

3. A Commoner's Fight Against HIV and Drug Resistant TB
Online at:

Please be welcome to share the above perspectives from the frontlines widely with your team members and partners or other channels such as websites, eForums, social media platforms, among others.

Kind regards

Bobby Ramakant
Citizen News Service (CNS)

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