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Dear reader,

I met a young woman called Sara here in the Netherlands of Syrian descent. Sara is taking the SALT course on community development for refugees (people that have received a legal status), that Joke and I are running here in partnership with the Dutch Refugee Council.

For her it would be most helpful to apply the CLCP cycle onto her own life, her personal dream for her future life and career. 

Who has tried this out? Alone, with others in a group, or for the purpose of one-on-one coaching (e.g. Life Coaching). Can I refer Sara to you?

Thank you!

kindly, Birgitta

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I believe Jean-Louis Lamboray and a bunch of other Belgian enthusiasts have monthly gatherings to discuss their progress on personal life competence! Maybe one of you can share their experience on a skype with Sara? 

Thank you, Joke!  

I have heard about their monthly gatherings. Inspirational indeed!

This is what Jean-Louis Lamboray shared recently on the Constellation Whatsapp group where I also asked this question: 

"I am part of the Cercle de Vie in Belgium. Sandrine RUPPOL initiated it. Nathalie, Jan Somers and I joined Sandrine 4 years ago. Since then we meet every last Tuesday of the month. We apply the Life Competence Process to ourselves as individuals, you may call it PLCP! We all have a different set of practices. They are at different stages of formulation. At the meeting we share experience with a practice. We use the talking stick method and do two to three rounds. No advice, nor questions to others. Just sharing what we decide to share. Everyone is welcome! "

And this is what Sandrine Ruppol shared in 2013 (posted by Nathalie Legros on NING):

"A little more that a year ago, in an email, Sandrine Ruppol shared with the friends of Belcompétence her personal practices...

This resonated particularly with Jan, Jean-Louis and me, and we started seeing each other every month. A few months later, Wivine, Marie-Christine, Philippe, and then Anne, Mimi, Erik joined us for these monthly gatherings in Brussels (language used is French but also Dutch and English).

The format is simple and became like a little ritual:

We arrive around 18:00 (alternatively at Sandrine and my place), each of us bringing some simple food or drink that we prepare and then eat together, sharing the 'news' of the months, what is going on in our lives, what makes us happy...

Then we sit in circle and after a moment of silence, we share our individual dreams and practices; we follow the rules of a Talking Circle: each of us speaking in its turn when holding the talking piece, and all others listening; there is no debate or discussion, but just deep listening, mindful talking and some silence... (end at around 21:30).

I have not missed any of these gatherings because they give me so much peace and inspiration for my 'daily' life; it is a moment to slow down, to connect at the so precious and rich deep human level, to explore my own life, to receive others' stories as gifts and also to assess where I am and where I am going, slowly but surely...

we have called these gatherings "cercles de vie" (life circles), because it is about giving and receiving life, energy, love, trust, inspiration... "

Dear Birgitta,

Here are two experiences from India

‘Active listening’ in the family



Thank you, Rituu!

Tricia applies the learning cycle with her family: since 2011
and personally All her blogs are available here:

Michael uses the why are we human question:

Abednego and the importance of the after experience reflection:

Toussaint describes how CLCP help him plan: (translation in comments)

What Judith took from the approach is learning from experience: (translation in comments)

People use CLCP as Life Coach, for example, Gaston Schmitz:

Fantastic, all those examples, Marie!

Many of them are about applying SALT. Learning how to take a step-by-step approach to our Personal Life Competence fascinates me too. To be continued.... 

Thank you to all that contributed to this thread and responded to my question.


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